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Property Owners Association
Recreation Committee

September 8, 2018

The meeting of the WLE POA Recreation Committee was called to order by Joanne Navarra, Tri Chair, at 10:05 a.m. September 8, 2018.  Thirty-five members were present.  All rose for the pledge of allegiance.
Minutes of the August 11 meeting were distributed to all.  Frank Carrotozzolo had a correction to previous minutes.  Motion made by Nan Yack and seconded by Eileen McGregor to accept minutes as corrected; so carried.

Joanne asked for Terry C's report on Music in the Park.  Consensus was that "Farmers Daughter" group was excellent.  Terry will contact them for next year's July 4 celebration.  Opinions on "The Mix" and "Madeline Smith Entertainment" was so/so.  Not all groups will be hired next year. 
The summer Rec program - Joanne N felt that Ceramics was well attended and popular.  Events that involved food were also successful but many scheduled events did not materialize.  Carol G relayed her son's experience with s'mores not being started on a timely basis.  Some discussion on effectiveness of Director of program and how important finding a dynamic, engaged persons is.  Terry Cwill extend her search to include "Care.com" and follow through with John Carney on hiring process.

Al K reported that Bingo has ended and earned a profit of $1,951.86.  He and Marge will chair Family Bingo during the Wacky Winter Weekend.

Labor Day Weekend - Joanne reported that Triathlon was successful.  Terry C added that next year we should include some team events and she may tweak event for next year.  She also felt that older swimmers should swim around the island. She thanked Craft Shop for donating awards.

Cardboard Boat Building and Race was tremendous success.  Rachele had 35 boats in the water…largest amount ever. They actually ran out of duct tape.  Plenty of willing volunteers.  Sonja from Aurel's (supplier of cardboard) attended and was pleasantly astounded.   Rachele will continue to chair event and plans to order large amount of duct tape for next year!

Anna T reported on Tricky Tray.  The lap top, quarter dues, and Echo's were great draws.  Preliminary numbers include total take of $5,486 for night.  She feels a profit of approximately $1200 was realized.  Details forthcoming.  She will chair event for next year.  She was thankful to many property owners for their contributions of prizes.

Rachele reported that Swim Team numbers are not finalized yet.  She and Carrie will continue to chair next year.  There may be changes in the league.  Although fewer swimmers, parents were very supportive.  Key parents will be returning next year.  Concern over getting information out that there is a swim team and how easy it is to participate.

Anna V made a motion to replace swim meet pennants for Beaver Pool.  Motion seconded by Nan Y.  Motion passed by a show of hands.
Terry V shared that many new residents come into the Craft Shop not knowing what is available to them within the community.  Talked about old practice of putting Rec's flyers in glass case and use of sandwich boards. Bree wondered why our meetings are not listed on information boards.  Flyers not current at both mail boxes.  Committee including Frank C, Mal M, Terry C, Joanne N, April N, and Rachele H formed to brainstorm on ways to inform residents of our committee and activities. They will meet after business meeting concluded.

Frank C still showing Movies in the Park weather permitting.  Movie for coming week is "Life of the Party".  There were approximately 60 people at Book Club showing.

Terry C reported that she was able to sell tickets to the Hypnotist at the door.  However, we did experience a loss of $422.  She felt communications on event broke down.


Joanne N asked if anyone was interested in hosting either the Children's Halloween or the Adult Halloween Party.  No one volunteered.  She also asked Vinny if he had enough volunteers to hold Haunted House.  He does not.

Frank C questioned if we heard from Board of Directors on request to change guidelines.  Al C reported that the Board did approve our request.  Gwenn has copy of revised guidelines and they are available on the wleonline.org website.

Terry C requested ruling on providing forms 1099 to vendors.  Al explained that we have to supply form to any vendor for amount over $600.

Joanne N has not received details from Kathy Sollenne on bus trip.  Joanne will send an e-mail when she receives the information.

Joanne N encouraged members to give some thought to upcoming events in November and December.

Pat Brown, chair of Decorating Committee thanked her awesome committee of volunteers for their work in creating decorations for community.  This year they hope to include children singing with carolers. They want to decorate Kasper Lodge.  Eileen McG made a motion to give the committee $500 for their use, seconded by Rich Y and carried with a raise of hands.

Gwenn called everyone's attention to the handout of the Treasurer's Report.  We have a total of $19,517.02 in our checkbook and $5,045.98 in CD as of August 31, 2018.  An original report is attached to these minutes.

Next item on our agenda was Election of Tri-Chairs.  Two positions are available.  Joanne N asked if there were any nominations from the floor:  Rachele H nominated Anna Tavoline.  Anna accepted the nomination.  In summary, three people running for two positions:  Frank Carrotozzolo, Eileen McGregor and Anna Tavoline.  Rebecca Assenheimer and Diane Mula tabulated the results.  Frank and Anna were elected to two year terms as tri-chairs.  They will meet after the meeting.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, Gwenn made a motion to adjourn at 11:22, seconded by Diane M.  Meeting adjourned by show of hands.

Respectfully submitted,   
Gwenn Phillips

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