AUGUST 19, 2023

The Board of Directors’ meeting commenced at 8:00 AM.

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Mike Cioffi (Vice President), Bruce Phillips (Treasurer) Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike McGregor, Jerry Beskovoyne, and John Carney (General Manager).  Scott Healy was excused.

A motion to approve the minutes from the Board of Directors’ Meeting on July 19, 2023 was made by Mike C. and seconded by Jerry.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Since Paupack Township just came out with their ordinance about Short Term Rentals (STR), the BODs discussed that first.  It was determined that BODs would review our Association’s rules and the Paupack Township rules and put in place the stronger components of both documents.

John had a couple of questions about the replacement flags for recreation vehicles.  The BODs has determined that the color will remain the same; the flags would continue to be numbered; and there would not be an additional cost for replacement flags.

A discussion was had about speeding in the Development.  There has been additional Public Safety presence in problem areas.  Signs will be put up on Boathouse Road stating that speed is being checked by radar.  Also, electronic signs stating the speed a vehicle are going to be investigated along with a camera that will take a picture of the offender. 

Treasurer’s Report/Finance (Bruce Phillips):

  • Bruce distributed the Operating Budget Summary as of 7/31/2023. 
  • Bruce brought to the BODs’ attention that all the accounts in this Summary are favorable at this time, but it is hard to see actual expenditures mid-year.
  • There was a discussion about having a Finance Committee Meeting.

Ed then began the open session at 9:00 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):

  • The recent rain storms have created havoc on the drainage system. We are currently working on resolving some of the drainage problems.
  • Since we are keeping the flags, the color will remain the same; the flags would continue to be numbered; and there would no additional cost for replacement flags.
  • There will be an upcoming Mommy and me program at Kasper Lodge on Thursdays at 9:30am.
  • The newly formed Technology Committee is making equipment recommendations for zooming meetings.
  • John noted that Paupack Township just came out with their ordinance about Short Term Rentals (STRs). It was determined that BODs would review our Association’s rules and the Paupack Township rules and put in place the stronger components of both documents. WLE currently has 38 STRs on our books.  The Township has granted a 90 day grace period for current STRs to file.  New STRs must filed with the Township prior to renting.

Questions/Comments from Property Owners:

Question:  Are we keeping the license places on our recreation vehicles?

Answer:  Yes.

Question:  If you need a replacement flag, can you come into the office and get one.

Answer:  Yes. 

Question:  Are there fees from Paupack Township for STRs?

Answer:  Yes, an initial $1,200 for the permit and $500 annually.

Comment:  There are too many cars at a STR on Mustang.

Reponse:  The Township’s ordinance should assist with that.

Question:  Can we look into increasing the WLE’s fees for STRs?

Answer:  Yes.

Question:  How are STRs going to be contacted about Paupack Township’s ordinance?

Answer:  A letter will be sent to current STRs.  


Bruce noted that the Township will be inspecting STRs upon application.  There is a Township application fee and a yearly fee.  The BODs will be lining up our rules with the Township’s rules to make WLE’s rules as strong as possible.

Question:  How are the STRs going to be regulated?

Answer:  The Township will hold an inspection which will determine the number of people and cars allowed.  We will work closely with the Township to insure that it is regulated.

Question:  Is it true that if a STR has 3 complaints in 36 months they will not be able to continue to rent?

Answer: Yes, they will lose their permit. However, frivolous complaints may result in a $200. fine.  When complaints are made, they must be documented.

A property owner brought up various issues she was having with a STR next to her house.  Jerry mentioned that the BODs would work with this property owner to get help.

Question:  What about dogs and STRs?

Answer:  The issue about dogs will be on all future applications.

Question:  Are we going to allow STRs to use golf carts?

Answer:  The BODs will have to discuss that.  

Question:  Since we have so many questions about STRs, can we request a special meeting on that topic?

Answer:  The BODs will discuss that at a later date once we have reviewed the Township’s ordinance in depth.  

Question:  How frequently are we catching people at the dumpster putting in inappropriate items?

Answer:  The videos are pulled and people are frequently caught.  However, if you see something, you are encouraged to call the office.

Question:  How long is the video kept?

Answer:  It is kept about 7 to 10 days and longer if there is a problem

Question:  Does a dog have to be leashed if it’s on its owner’s property?

Answer: No it doesn’t have to be leashed.  However, the dog’s owner must be present and have control of the dog at all times. Please let Public Safety know if there is a problem. (Since this meeting, it has come to our attention that PA Law requires that “dogs must be under control and must not be allowed to run at large.”)

Question:  Why hasn’t there been a Finance Committee Meeting?  Has it disbanded?

Answer:  Bruce noted it hasn’t met because there hasn’t been a major project or change in investments.  He also said that there is not a lot we can do until the summer is over.  In September the finances for the upcoming year become clearer.

Various property owners gave their opinions about the necessity of regular Finance Committee meetings.  Bruce mentioned that Committee members could come by the office to obtain the complete financials for review.

Comment:  A property owner wanted to thank the Office Staff and Maintenance for their quick response to a Marina issue.

Comment:  There was a problem at a non-ticketed event about badges.  

Response:  Please call security when there is a problem.  They will be reminded that all participants need a badge.

Comment:  A property owner wanted to thank Maintenance, Security, and Neighborhood Watch for helping with events.

Question:  Who takes care of investigating unsightly lots?

Answer:  The Building Compliance Officer.

Question:  How are we doing with storm management?

Answer:  Our new BODs’ member is a civil engineer and he has been out with John reviewing problem areas.

Comment:  I always kept my culvert clean, but the small rocks from the road have filled it in.

Comment:  A STR is not up keeping their culvert.

Response:  John said he will check into that

Comment:  It was so cold at the Adult Lodge

Response:  All buildings should be kept at the same temperature. 

Question:  How can we keep people from sharing badges, particularly those who have STRs outside our Community, but have lots in the Community?

Answer:  We have investigated this and the property owner does pay WLE’s fee associated with STRs.

As was recommended by a property owner, Kathleen introduced wristbands as an alternative to badges.  She wanted to get a feel of property owners’ reaction to this.  After the open session she showed sample wristbands to numerous property owners.  Since the positive response was only about 50%, she has decided to not pursue it any further.  

Following the Open Board of Directors Meeting, the Board of Directors reconvened their regular meeting at 10:10AM. 

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Jerry Beskovoyne): 

  • Maintenance and Housekeeping has been doing a great job maintaining the grounds, making repairs, raking the beaches, cleaning debris, doing bulk pick up, and keeping inside the amenities clean.  Maintenance and Housekeeping are doing this despite the fact that both departments are shorthanded.
  • The Marina walkways are being lowered as necessary
  • All outdoor buildings are getting washed in anticipation of painting.
  • Cord continues to monitor the pools and lifeguards and is doing an incredible job in keeping them operational and in good shape.
  • Beaver Lodge kitchen is finished.
  • Two new tennis nets have been installed.

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor)

  • Miscellaneous maintenance was performed at the Treatment Plant.
  • A temporary line is running from #1 sludge pump because the main waste line check valve is stuck closed.  This tank is scheduled to be cleaned this year
  • Lightning caused damage to serval components in the Scada system at pump station #6, which was repaired by Adams Cable and Martz Technologies.  Insurance will be handling the claim
  • Leak detection continues for water loss as flows are above average.
  • The contractor that is doing the chlorine reduction project at Fawn Hill Well is getting an early start by doing the excavating and frost footer work.

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominic provided the BODs with a Public Safety Report for July 2023 that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls. 
  • Dominic is getting prices on electronic speed signs for problematic areas.
  • Property owners, who have discarded their flag, may pick a new one up at the office.
  • Fines for no flags will not be enforced until 8/1/24. This is for POA members who discarded their flag in the period that the rules where in flux.
  • Recreational vehicles must still be registered every year. Both Golf Carts and UTV will be required to maintain flags, but new ones will not be issued annually, only upon loss or destruction.

Building Committee (provided by Scott Healy):

  • There are 1423 approved homes in WLE.
  • 43 non fee permits and 31 tree removal permits were issued.
  • The Building Committee will be recommending to the Board going forward, any request for house painting will require that the applicant physically paint the new color on a small area of the house to gain approval. 
  • The Building Committee is still looking into reformatting the WLE Building Regulations.
  • The Building Committee will be given information on burying propane tanks for discussion and possible approval.


  • The upcoming activities include the Triathlon Cardboard boat races, and the Tricky Tray.
  • The ceramics and summer recreation program have been well attended.

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):

  • The Marina Committee suggested sending out a diagram for effective slip rigging.  The BODs will ask Kathy to do this.
  • The waverunner docks will now be placed first in the parking areas and chained together.  Other docks will be put around them to prevent theft.
  • John will talk to Brian about whether it is necessary to use heavier bolts when building the docks.
  • An individual from the Maintenance Department will be designated to oversee the building of G Dock for the upcoming year.
  • Marina Committee members have volunteered to spray the dock with a preservative when they are being stored for the winter.  The BODs wants them to check with the DEP and/or Brookfield to see if this is permitted.  They also want an estimate of the amount  of preservative necessary to complete this task.

CDC (Mike Cioffi):

  • Officers of the CDC are remaining the same.
  • The CDC heard 7 appeals.  They dealt with No WLE ID, Non Household Trash, and Illegal parking.  Six were found in violation.
  • There were two appeals to the BODs upon CDC rulings.  The BODs continued to find both property owners in violation.

Neighborhood Watch (Mike McGregor): 

  • Neighborhood Watch is making plans to clean the Medical Room.
  • Members of Neighborhood Watch were informed about the continuing of flags, WLE plates, and stickers on recreational vehicles.
  • Ten people from Neighborhood Watch took the CPR course.
  • Neighborhood Watch requested it membership to assist at various upcoming events.

WLE Beautification: 

  • The 4th of July decorations have been taken down from the wagon and new summer decorations have been put up.  The Beautification Committee is working on its fall decorations.
  • The BODs thank the Committee for the beautiful flowers that bloomed throughout the summer.

Technology Committee (Proposed) (Kathleen Maynes):

  • The Technology Committee is working on a charter to present to the BODs.
  • They are looking into improving Wi-Fi access at various amenities.
  • Upon the request of the Recreation Committee, they have recommended speakers.
  • They have recommended that cameras be installed at the U-Docks and Ballfield.
  • The BODs reacted favorably to their suggested purchases for Zooming/recording open meetings. However, the BODs have a few questions about the possibility of integrating this technology with the MCH’s current system.
  • The Committee is checking with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T for possible future savings.
  • Wi-Fi and Zoom access policies are being explored.

Paupack Township (Jerry Beskovoyne): 

  • On August 10th Paupack Township Supervisors unanimously approved the Paupack Township Short Term Rental Ordinance Number 2023-61.  This ordinance is available to the public online on the Township website.
  • Thursday, August 24th will be the Lakeville food pantry drive.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Jerry:

Motion to waive first right of refusal on properties listed on the schedule dated “closed 8/11/23” in the August 2023 Board Packet.

It was unanimously approved. 


  • A property owner requested that the fine for their STR be removed.  The BODs did not honor their request.
  • A letter was received regarding water drainage between WLE and Oakview Community Association.  John will handle this situation and Scott Healey is involved with talks with Oakview Community. 

Unfinished Business:

  • Work on the Fawnhill well should begin after Labor Day.
  • Work on the U Dock area is improving that area’s accessibility and drainage. However, an additional railing may be necessary.
  • Ed and Jerry will obtain prices on solar power on the Main Club House and Main Office. John Carney will confirm the age of and materials the Main Club House roof is made from and get that info to Ed and Jerry to help in pricing.  The Main Office roof is about 5 yrs old and made of asphalt shingles.


New Business:

  • The BODs discussed a LED Information bulletin board at the entrance.  Jerry will get the BODs information in the next two weeks. 
  • A property owner requested a bench be put up at the Marina in memory of his son.  He would purchase the bench and pay for any future maintenance for the bench.  The BODs determined that a tree with a plaque could be placed at the Marina memorializing his son.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 PM was made by Ed, seconded by Jerry, and approved unanimously.

The next open BOD meeting is scheduled for September 16th.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes