WLE Marina Committee Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2021
Committee Members Present (unless otherwise noted):
”    Lee Cohen
”    Torrey Jacobsen
”    Paul Kiczek
”    Kathleen Maynes – board representative
”    Tim Moyer
”    Rick Rivera
”    Tony Schwab (Absent)
”    Bill Sullivan (Absent)
”    Michael Wilson
Pledge of allegiance said
Minutes from prior meeting approved
Topics discussed:
”    Issue of boats with LOA greater than the 24-foot maximum has been brought to the attention of the WLE BOA. Letter will be developed and sent to the WLE board.
”    Maintenance will be investigating a more effective method of anchoring the dock mains due to the anchors having moved on Dock C & D this month.
”    Marina budget was reviewed and recommend that we continue with the dock replacement with the next dock being replaced: dock E
”    The topic of if raising marina dues is necessary was discussed
”    The landline phone is reportedly operational
”    The one-way sign at the marina trailer parking lot was removed
”    Ideas of additional improvements was discussed
Next zoom meeting:  September 21, 2021 @ 7pm.