DECEMBER 17, 2022


The open Board of Directors meeting commenced at 9:00 AM.

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Alan Cucciniello (Vice President), Greg Pollock (Treasurer), Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike Cioffi, , Bruce Phillips, Mike McGregor and John Carney (General Manager). 

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):

  • We are working with legal counsel to review new legislation pertaining to voting and some items that may need to be put in the bylaws. The main issue possibly will be that property owners will be sending their voting to an independent reviewer rather than sending to WLEPOA. If an independent reviewer is necessary, it will most likely be our accounting firm.
  • In Bruce’s absence I attended the Paupack Township meeting. Two items of interest to WLE are short-term renting and the ambulance service. The short-term rental ordinance draft is being reviewed at the Wayne County level. Pennsylvania Ambulance Service has been employed by Paupack Township to replace Commonwealth Ambulance Service. An ambulance will be stationed at the Paupack Township Firehouse when not on a call. In 2023 the township will have a “Fast Car” to get to the scene as soon as possible to start treatment.
  • Bruce and I are finalizing the 25-year replacement study, which will be presented to the Board. The study lays out the 2023 projects and the schedule of the remaining assets for when they are scheduled for replacement or repairs.
  • For 2023 money is being made available to continue the removal of dead or dying Ash Trees. Money will also be available for planting of new trees.

Property Owners’ questions and comments:

Question:  What is done about dogs howling?

Response:  First a warning is issued.  If it happens again the property owner is given a citation. At two different locations, property owners were recently issued citations

Question:  Should I call Public Safety if I hear howling again?

Response:  Yes

Comment:  Dogs have a right to bark if a person goes on their property.

Response:  Officers park on the road down the street to see if they hear barking.

Question:  Since the fee for small boats has been increased, will additional racks be added.

Response:  No plans are being made to build additional racks since some racks are empty.

Question:  People are buying tags and not keeping their boats on the racks making it seem like they are empty.  If sold out, could more racks be built?

Response:  We will check into that.

Question:  Is there going to be Public Safety at the small boat racks to make sure the new procedures are followed.

Response:  Someone will be there to inforce the new procedures.

Question:  Is the accounting firm going to be counting the votes here or at their firm?

Response:  At their firm’s location.

Comment:  I am still having difficulties with a ring around my toilet bowel.  So are other people.

Response:  We will have Brian come and check it.

Question:  A Public Safety Officer should be at the school bus drop off and pick up locations.  Can that be arranged?  Students have to cross Eskra Road.

Response:  Public Safety Officers will alternate between school bus stops. We will contact the bus company about not dropping off students on the other side of Eskra Road.

Comment:  Due to our dues increase, employees should get a 0% increase.

Response:  Greg addressed the necessity of the dues increase.  To retain employees it is necessary to increase their salaries.

Question:  Why is there so many upgraded vehicles and new equipment?

Response:  This is not true.  We have a replacement plan based on the life expectancy of the vehicles/equipment.  If the vehicles/equipment is still in good shape, we put off replacing it.

Question:  Why are there an increased number of trucks and employees?

Response:  We have six trucks and six employees.  The population of WLE has increased dramatically requiring this amount.

Comment:  The lock is broken in the ladies handicapped stall

Response:  This is the first time we are hearing about this.  It will be repaired.

Question:  Could you explain what the contingency fund is?

Response:   Bruce explained there are three reserves:  

  • Replacement Reserve (25-year study) – this reserve is deigned set aside fund to replace or maintain (to extend the assets useful life).  This reserve is funded based on an annual vote of the members of the POA.
  • New Capital Reserve – this reserve is designed to help fund new assets.  This reserve is funded by fees charged by the POA when improved and/or unimproved lots are transfer ownership.
  • Contingency Reserve – this reserve is to provide operating funds in a period where there is a short fall in POA Member’s Annual Assessments and is funded in annual periods where there is an excess in POA Member’s Assessments over annual operating expenses. 

Question:  What are the consequences of not getting guest passes especially when it pertains to people coming into the development that are not WLE residents or their guests?

Comment:  This is very difficult to enforce.  However, cars have been towed and people have been escorted out.

Question:  What is the situation with Narcan?

Response:  John and Mike C. are investigating it.  Dominic noted that currently legislation does not cover protecting POA and HOAs in administrating it.

Before and Following the Open Board of Directors Meeting:

A motion to approve the August 20, 2022 minutes was made by Al and seconded by Greg.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):  (Included in the Open Meeting Section)

Treasurer’s Report (Greg Pollock):

  • Greg distributed the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Financial Reporting Package dated November 30, 2022.
  • Greg noted that short term rental restrictions are staying in place at the Hide Out.  The Hide Out is involved in litigation over this.
  • WLE’s three year contracted rate of 0.05051/kwh ends this December.  Unfortunately, the new rate is 09538/kwh.  Greg is checking on energy alternatives.
  • The Marina’s reserve has been run at a loss over the past two years.  A priority should be funding the reserve in case of an emergency.  In order to do this, Marina fees need to be increased. 

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Bruce Phillips):

  • Maintenance has completed the following tasks: Marina dock removals, fall clean ups, installation of a car and truck lift, closing of the outdoor buildings, fountain removal and preparation for next season, installation of lights on Norway spruce at the Administration Building, and preparations for winter salting and plowing.
  • Maintenance’s future plans include removing the indoor pool’s floor, removal of the old Dextron System, starting kitchen remodeling in Beaver Lodge, building F Dock and fingers, and maintaining the road and walkways during winter storms.
  • Housekeeping is working on deep cleaning projects in addition to the regular cleaning routine.

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor):

  • Sewer treatment plant is running well and the department has prepared the plant for winter.
  • Well flows are running a little high for this time of year and leak detection continues.
  • DEP’s full inspection on the water system went very well.
  • Martz technology has completed the Scada firewall and software updates. 

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominick provided the BODs a Public Safety Report for July that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls.
  • John will continue to explore the rules for POAs in administering or making Narcan available.

Legal/Administration (Ed Jordan):

  • John will explore the new statues effecting POAs and HOAs.

Building Committee (Greg Pollock): 

  • The BODs are looking for additional members of the Building Committee.
  • The Building Committee is in the process of making a proposal for property owners outside weekend and holiday work hours permitting.
  • BCO submitted a proposal from a property owner for installation of an exterior sauna. The Committee felt that this would be covered as “out building” and met those regulations.
  • A property owner noted that they had not received a letter in reference to a building fine dispute.

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes): 

  • The Committee requested that the dock master identify empty slips on a weekly basis to determine slips that are not being used.
  • If the wrong boat is in a slip, the property owner would be contacted.  If the situation cannot be cleared up, the boat must be taken out or will be towed away.
  • If a boat is causing destruction to a dock, the property owner will be warned. If the situation is not remedied, then they will be fined.
  • A property owner has volunteered to set up a boating course for the spring.
  • Boats that exceed the 8 ½ width are not allowed in the Marina and must be removed.  
  • Kathleen will make the Marina Committee knowledgeable about the shortfall in the Marina’s reserve fund.

CDC (Bruce Phillips): 

  • It was noted that the members of the CDC may need additional information prior to reviewing cases.
  • The CDC may want to amend their charter if they feel they need additional members.
  • The CDC reviewed one case.

Neighborhood Watch (Ed Jordan): (No meeting this month)

Recreation (Al Cucciniello):.

  • Upon Recreation’s recommendation, new hours were approved for Kasper Lodge.
  • Recreation was very busy with numerous successful activities.  They included a Pre Holiday Gathering, Christmas Craft Show, Warrior Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Tree and Lighting Ceremony, Fire Truck with Santa, and a Family Very Merry Christmas Bash.
  • Upcoming events include an adult New Year’s Party, a Super Bowl Party, Cardboard Sled Races, and a Bonfire.
  • The BODs reviewed Recreation’s budget.

The following motion was made by Mike C. and seconded by Mike M.:

Accept the Budget that was presented by Recreation.

It was unanimously approved.

  • The BODs discussed reinstating the Summer Recreation Program into the budget.

The following motion was made by Al and seconded by Kathleen:

Recreation may advertise for the position of Recreation Coordinator for the summer of 2023.

Five members of the BODs voted for this motion with Bruce in opposition.

Paupack Township (John Carney):  (Included in the open meeting section.)

WLE Beautification: (Ed Jordan)

  • Fall decorations have been taken down and holiday decorations have been put up.
  • Maintenance built a new manger out of old cedar found in the barn.


  • A property owner requested a change in placement for a stop sign on the intersection of Marina drive and Aquarius Drive.  The stop sign was moved.
  • A letter and a copy of the Complaint was received dated December 5, 2022, from a lawyer who is representing a property owner of WLE in reference to appeal the decision of the Citation Review Committee. WLEPOA will defer all correspondence to legal counsel.

Unfinished Business:

  • Fawn Hill Well
  • U Dock road work
  • Solar power
  • Burying propane tanks

The following motion was made by Al and seconded by Mike C.:

Motion to waive first right of refusal on properties listed in the December 2022 Packet.

It was unanimously approved.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Al, seconded by Mike C., and approved unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 AM.

The next BOD meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2023.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes