Wallenpaupack Lake Estates
Property Owners Association
Building Compliance Committee
July 11, 2020 9am
Adult Lodge
Approved Minutes
Mr. Pepper called the meeting to order at:   9:00 AM. 
In attendance were:
John Young, Chairperson – excused
Paul Kiczek, Recording Secretary
Dale Pepper
Larry Chanowsky
Rick Yack
Tom Huhn
Frank Bruno
Fran Raimo – BCO
Al Cucciniello– BOD Liaison
Review of the June 6, 2020 Minutes.
The June 6, 2020 minutes were previously approved and presented.
Old Business:
A.    Warning/Violation Procedure – Received on or after January 30, 2020. Update the letter and send out with the minutes.
B.    Al Cucciniello – BOD did not discuss the seasonal use for temporary gazebos document in the July BOD meeting. Al will address this issue in the next BOD meeting.
C.    Adam Pendergast 1040 Harmony Drive. Request for variance for a garage that will encroach the setback limitation. The PO submitted three options to the BCC, each of with still encroaches the setback limitations. The smallest option 20x20x18 encroaches the setback by 2.5ft. The committee will approve this plan as the property is t:riangular in sharp. The PO joined the meeting and suggested repositioning a 20x22x18 structure. Adam will provide that plan/diagram to Fran from the builder.
D.    Review of documents regarding lot(s) and setbacks as per Paupack Township Board of Supervisors Zoning Ordinance Hearing dated January 9, 2020. Township is in pending mode with their revisions, 20ft from right of way (edge of the road) on non-conforming lots. BCO Fran will have more information for the August meeting.
New Business:
A.     Variance request by Tom Verzini at Deer Valley Rd to paint his deck olive green which is not an approved color recently revised by the BCC in 2019.
Closed Session.
Motion to adjourn at  9:59  AM by  Larry Chanowsky and Tom Huhn second, approved unanimously.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 1, at 9:00 AM.  Adult Lodge to be confirmed.
BCO Report:
Non-Fee Permits:  40 for June
Fee Permits:     2 @ $53.00 June
Tree Removal:   41 June  
Homes built:  1382