JULY 15, 2023

The Board of Directors’ meeting commenced at 8:00 AM.

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Mike Cioffi (Vice President), Bruce Phillips (Treasurer) Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike McGregor, Jerry Beskovoyne, Scott Healy and John Carney (General Manager).  

A motion to approve the minutes from the Reorganization Meeting on June 10, 2023 was made by Scott and seconded by Bruce.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

A motion to approve the minutes from the Special Meeting on June 23, 2023 was made by Scott and seconded by Bruce.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance (Bruce Phillips):

  • Bruce distributed the Operating Budget Summary as of 6/30/2023. 
  • Bruce brought to the BODs’ attention that at this time all the accounts in this Summary are all favorable, but it is hard to see actual expenditures mid-year.
  • There was a discussion about the Marina and Recreation budgets.

Ed then began the open session at 9:05 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):

  • All three pools are now open.
  • The indoor pool is completely operational.
  • The recent rain storms have created havoc on the drainage system.
  • John then asked the property owners for topics that they would like to discuss.  They included:
    • The Information bulletin board at entrance;
    • Who is responsible to take care of the drainage basins with the grates (Maintenance is responsible);
    • Short Term Rentals;
    • An additional location of basketball courts.

Questions/Comments from Property Owners:

Question:  Why wasn’t the open Board Meeting posted on the Information Board?

Answer:  It was an oversight, but it is on the app.

Question:  The Information Board is outdated.  Can it be updated with an electronic one?

Answer:  The BODs will be discussing that. (See BODs’ discussion under “New Business”.)

Question:  Since the Information Board is primarily used by Recreation, can the expense be shared with them?

Answer:  We will look into that. 

Comment:  Getting rid of flags on recreational vehicles is a bad decision.  It is a good way to identify both standard and modified golf carts and increase their safety 

Answer:  We will be discussing that today.

Comment:  People are getting mixed messages about whether they can take off their flags.  A QR code on the sticker would help Public Safety identify golf cart owners.  

Comment:  I just received a flag at the office today.

Comment:  Flags allow for identification.

Answer:  We will be discussing that.  (See BODs’ discussion under “Public Safety”.)

Comment:  Houses out of WLE are being rented and advertising access to WLE’s amenities because the homeowner owns a lot in WLE.  

Answer:  The BODs will be discussing how to handle that today.

Comment:  I would like the BODs to consider putting up basketball nets at the end of the driveway at Kasper Lodge.

Answer:  The BODs will discuss that.  (See BODs’ discussion under “New Business”.)

Comment:  I see a number of young people who are not from our development in the Gym in the middle of the day.  

Answer:  We will have Security check that several times during the day.  However, if you notice it while you are there, please call us and Security will come down and address it. 

Question:  Could we put a sign up at the Gym stating, “Do not open the door for anyone.”

Answer:  We can do that.  

Question:  Is there an occupancy limit on Short Term Rentals and how can it be enforced?

Answer:  There is nothing in our Regulations.  However, Paupack Township is working on that.  There will be a meeting on August 7th at the Lakeville Fire House at 6:30 to discuss Short Term Rentals.  Once accepted, Paupack Townships regulations should assist us. This Thursday, you can go on Paupack Township’s website to see its proposal.

Question: Can we get Bluetooth speakers so that we can more clearly hear outside activities such as movies, bands, and the tricky tray auction?

Answer:  The BODs will discuss that. (See BODs’ discussion under “New Business”.)

Question:  When a person signs a Short Term Rental agreement, do they get a package of information materials?

Answer:  The homeowner is responsible for that.  However, we can provide them with a map of the development.

Question:  Do Short Term Rentals from outside the development using the badges from lots inside the development have to pay a rental fee?

Answer:  The BODs will be discussing that.  (See BODs’ discussion under “New Business”.)

Question:  Is the FOB in use at all our amenities and is it tied to a property owner?

Answer:  It is not at the Main Club House, Indoor Pool, and Beaver Lodge for various control reasons.  It is also not at Kasper Lodge because there is a monitor on duty there when open.  Yes, it is tied to a property owner.  

Comment:  Could we change some of the times that Kasper is open.

Answer:  (From Terry C.)  – We did just adjust some of time to better serve the children and their families.

Question: How has the use of booting cars been going?

Answer:  (From Dominic) We have booted 2 vehicles.  Both were associated with property owners.  One owner was identified immediately and the boot was never fully put on, but he was ticketed.  The other one, whose owner was not immediately identified, had to pay to have the boot removed and for the ticket.

Following the Open Board of Directors Meeting, the Board of Directors reconvened their regular meeting at the office at 10:10AM. 

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Jerry Beskovoyne): 

  • Maintenance has been doing a great job maintaining the grounds, raking the beaches, cleaning debris, doing bulk pick up, and handling the 4th of July picnic.
  • Cord has taken over the pools and lifeguards and is doing an incredible job in keeping them operational and in good shape.
  • The indoor pool is 100% functional.
  • A new compactor is on order.
  • Despite the fact that Housekeeping is shorthanded and was extremely busy with the holiday weekend, they have been doing a great job.

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor)

  • Miscellaneous maintenance was performed at the Treatment Plant.
  • Leak detection continues for water loss.
  • Both Indian and Ski Bluff towers were inspected in June.
  • The 4th of July Holiday week had a record breaking flow, reaching all time highs.
  • The Fawn Hill well chlorine projection project will begin in the fall. 

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominic provided the BODs with a Public Safety Report for June 2023 that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls. 
  • The BODs discussed the continued use of the flags on recreational vehicles.

The following motion was made by Jerry and seconded by Kathleen:

Recreational Vehicles will continue to use their existing flags.  New flags will not be issued each year.

The vote was 5 in favor of the motion with Bruce opposed.

  • Property owners, who have discarded their flag, may pick a new one up at the office.
  • Fines for no flags will not be enforced until 8/1/24. This is for POA members who discarded their flag in the period that the rules where in flux.
  • Recreational vehicles must still be registered every year. Both Golf Carts and UTV will be required to maintain flags, but new ones will not be issued annually, only upon loss or destruction.

Building Committee (Scott Healy):

  • There are 1424 approved homes in WLE.
  • 61 non fee permits and 15 tree removal permits were issued.
  • Greg Pollock provided the BODs with information on burying propane tanks.

The following motion was made by Jerry and was seconded by Mike C:

Accept the membership of Bob Assenheimer on the Building Committee.

The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Recreation (Scott Healy): 

  • The upcoming activities include Karaoke Night, Texas Hold’em, Car Show, Facebook Instruction, Paint and Sip, Comedy Night, Music in the Park, the Fishing Derby, Beaver Beach Party, Cardboard boat races, and the Tricky Tray.
  • The ceramics and recreation program has been well attended.
  • Recreation requested approval for the “Recreation Event Packet.”  The BODs discussed the “Indemnity Agreement” in the packet and did find it acceptable to use.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Jerry:

The BODs approve the “Recreation Event Packet.”

The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):

  • The dock master does refuse ramp access to vehicles without WLE stickers
  • Vehicles with trailers are currently not allowed to park on Boathouse Road during the weekend.
  • The Marina Committee recommended during the off season using a preservative on the tops of the docks that have been replaced. This will extend their life. The BODs would like the Committee to do a cost benefit ratio on that.
  • Kathleen recommended spraying the docks for wasps/bees prior to putting the docks in the water.  
  • Since the Marina Committee is short one members, they recommended that Tony Schwab remain the on the Committee.

The following motion was made by Bruce and was seconded by Mike C:

Accept the membership of Tony Schwab on the Marina Committee.

The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

  • The Marina Committee requested various. additions/corrections to their Charter approved January 20, 2018. These are the following changes:
    • #2 – Adding the following statement – “To have the current list of boats registered to our Marina including registration numbers and make of watercraft in order to assist the office with boats that are not in their proper slips.”
    • #6 – Adding – “and invited property owners.”
    • #7 – Substituting the word “assure” for “ensure”.

The following motion was made Scott and seconded by Jerry:

The BODs reject the addition of #2 and accept the revisions on #6 and 7.

The vote was 4 in favor of the motion with Kathleen and Mike C. opposed.

CDC (Mike Cioffi):

  • Since there was only one case in July, it was moved up to August.
  • There are a large number of cases scheduled for August.

Neighborhood Watch (Kathleen Maynes): 

  • A number of people from Neighborhood Watch as well as other property owners attended an excellent course presented by April Navarra.  She covered CPR, AEDs, choking, and other first aid issues.  Participants will receive a certification from the American Heart Association.
  • Members of Neighborhood Watch were not happy with the removal of flags on recreational vehicles.  The BODs revisited this topic and determined to keep the current flags.  (The motion can be found under “Public Safety.”)
  • A suggestion was made to substitute wristbands for badges.  Kathleen brought this up under “New Business.”

Technology Committee (Proposed) (Kathleen Maynes):

  • The first meeting is scheduled for July 22nd.
  • Twelve people have signed up
  • Some areas of interest may include increasing Wi-Fi connections at Beaver Pool and the Main Club House, improving the audio system at the Main Club House, increasing streaming capabilities, purchasing Bluetooth speakers for presentations, and increasing camera capabilities at amenities.

Paupack Township (Bruce Phillips):  

  • Updates to Short Term Rentals completed and reviewed & approved by Wayne County. They will be available on the Paupack Township website on July 20, 2023.
  • There will be a second public hearing on the Short Term Rentals to address the revisions at the Lakeville Fire House on August 7 at 6:30 PM.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Scott:

Motion to waive first right of refusal on properties listed in the July 2023 Packet.

It was unanimously approved. 


  • A complaint was made by a property owner against a WLE employee.  John will follow up.
  • A property owner wrote a letter concerning a number of issues including drainage, Short Term Rentals, and noise.  John will address these issues directly with the property owner.

Unfinished Business:

  • Work on the Fawn Hill well should begin after Labor Day.
  • Work on the U Dock area is improving that area’s accessibility and drainage.
  • Jerry will continue checking on Solar Power for our buildings.  

New Business:

  • There was a discussion about rental properties outside of WLE that include use of WLE badges and amenities because the property owners possess lots inside of WLE.  The BODs determined that the property owners are renting out the privileges associated with those lots and must pay the WLE’s rental fees. 
  • A property owner requested that Bluetooth speakers be purchased to assist sound capabilities at presentations. The newly formed Technology Committee will be asked to make recommendations about the appropriate speakers that will meet WLE’s needs.
  • It was requested that wristbands be substituted for badges.  Kathleen will explore the costs for this.
  • It was requested that basketball nets be added to the parking lot near Kasper Lodge.  It was determined that might be a dangerous area because of vehicles coming and going.  However, the BODs will be considering another area near Kasper Lodge.
  • The BODs discussed a LED Information bulletin board at entrance.  Jerry will explore the costs for this.
  • Scott suggested revising the citation fees.  He will explore this and bring his suggestions to the next meeting.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:30 PM was made by Jerry, seconded by Bruce, and approved unanimously.

The next open BOD meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2023.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes