WLE Marina Committee Meeting Minutes – July 15, 2021
”    Lee Cohen –
”    Torrey Jacobsen
”    Paul Kiczek –
”    Kathleen Maynes – board representative
”    Tim Moyer
”    Rick Rivera –
”    Tony Schwab –
”    Bill Sullivan –
”    Michael Wilson –
Pledge of allegiance said
Minutes from prior meeting approved
A new Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary were proposed, voted on and approved as follows:
”    Chair:  Rick Rivera
”    Vice Chair:  Paul Kiczek
”    Secretary:  Mike Wilson
Damage to the marina from the recent storm was reviewed
”    Maintenance fixed stairs. 
”    E dock main is being repaired/replaced
”    Rick/Kathleen will speak with maintenance to confirm what broke, how it broke, age of the chain, placement of anchor points, etc., and will work with Torrey and Bill on making suggestions to maintenance to help ensure the dock’s don’t come loose again.
”    Rick/Kathleen will inquire if there are extra Mains and Fingers.  Kathleen will inquire if 2 extra Mains and Fingers can be made available for emergency situations.
New lights should have been installed starting the week of July 17
Results from check on boats in slips was discussed
”    Some boats appear to be longer than 24′
”    Some boats appear to have expired registrations
”    Some boats appear to exceed the maximum LOA limits.  Methods of confirming/verifying boat dimensions were discussed
Suggestion was made to allow for larger boats to be docked at the marina.  This is being tabled for discussion at a later date.
Budget update was reviewed
Boat bimini left up is being addressed by the office
Landline at marina continues to be inoperable.  John Carney will investigate.  Suggestion was made to remove the landline.  Reasoning:  cell phones are readily available and used, the landline has not been used.
Incident at ramp issue was discussed – traffic jam.  Rick will discuss the situation with Mike the dock master if deemed appropriate.
Suggestion to install security cameras was made by a boat owner following an alleged incident involving a rock being thrown through the canvas of a boat.  This situation was discussed further by the committee and the boat owner indicated they would report the alleged incident to Kathy.  Kathleen will inquire about obtaining security camera quote for installation. 
The Marina Assembly report was discussed briefly. 
Maintenance confirmed the cotter pins used to secure the dock sections together are working properly.
Grading by the bathroom areas has been deemed appropriate
Soap missing from the bathrooms
Stair removal pricing is forthcoming – expected in the Fall
There are 19 subscribers to the Gmail account to date.
Issue raised of boats secured “poorly” – loose lines, lack of snubbers, etc.  A laminated sheet illustrating proper boat securing techniques will be developed and posted on the bulletin board.
Kathleen will inquired with John as to if additional dock slips can be added.
Motion to adjourn seconded and approved.
Next meeting:  August 17, 2021 @ 7pm.