JUNE 10, 2023

The Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Board of Directors met at 12:25 PM after the Annual Meeting. The following people were in attendance:  Mike Cioffi, Bruce Phillips, Scott Healey, Ed Jordan, Mike McGregor, Kathleen Maynes, Jerry Beskovoyne (via phone), and John Carney (General Manager).

The following officers were nominated and unanimously approved:

  • Mike Cioffi nominated Ed Jordan as President, seconded by Bruce Phillips. 
  • Jerry Beskovoyne nominated Mike Cioffi as Vice President, seconded by Kathleen Maynes. 
  • Ed Jordan nominated Bruce Phillips as Treasurer, seconded by Jerry Beskovoyne
  • Mike Cioffi nominated Kathleen Maynes as Secretary, seconded by Ed Jordan.
  • Jerry Beskovoyne nominated John Carney as Assistant Secretary, seconded by Kathleen Maynes.

Bruce Phillips will be added to the bank signature cards for the following banks:  Honesdale National Bank, NBT Bank, Dime Bank, Citizens Savings Bank, PNC Bank, Wayne Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Fargo CD Program.  Greg Pollock will be removed.

It was determined that the liaisons for the following Committees/Departments would be as follows: 

Finance – Bruce

Sewer and Water, Neighborhood Watch, and Beautification – Mike M.

Public Safety– Ed 

Marina– Kathleen 

Recreation and Building– Scott

Citation Review – Mike C.

Paupack Twp. and Maintenance/Housekeeping – Jerry

Legal Administration – Ed with Bruce as assistant 


A property owner asked if he could contribute a memorial bench in a love one’s remembrance. The BODs felt that the dedication of a tree with a memorial plaque would be a more appropriate. The donation of a tree with a plaque would allow other property owners to honor their love ones as well.

New Business:

  • The BODs agreed to move the piano in storage to a property owner’s home who is interested in having it.
  • Volunteers from Neighborhood Watch who are interested in taking the First Aid Course offered by WLE can use funds from their account to pay for the course 

The next open meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2023.

A motion to adjourn at 1:15 PM was made by Bruce, seconded by Mike C. and unanimously approved.  The meeting ended at 1:15. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Maynes