Marina Committee Meeting – June 10 2021
The Marina Committee met at 7 PM on May 13, 2021.  The following people were in attendance via Zoom: Bill Sullivan, Torrey Jacobsen, Paul Kiczek, Michael Wilson, Tim Moyer, Lee Cohen, Rick Rivera (Vice-Chairperson), Kathleen Maynes (Chairperson).
The Pledge of Alliance was said.
The Marina Committee welcomed new members: Tim Moyer and Lee Cohen. Also continued  membership for three more years for Bill Sullivan.
The Marina Committee then discussed the following items:
”    New lighting installation should be completed within the next few weeks. Solar lights should be put up on the first and last docks shortly.
”    Volunteers were recruited to check the docks for appropriate boats.
”    A finger separated from Dock A1.  Kathleen and Rick will check with Brian Stine to see if improper cotter pins caused a separation of one of the fingers.
”    Budget:
o    Committee reviewed budged as of May 31, 2021
o    Committee reiterated that the landline at the Marina and the costs associated with it was unnecessary.
o    Committee also revisited the idea that the Marina budget should not be charged for rental of equipment that the development owns.
”    Stability of the new walkway from A1 Dock to A Dock was discussed.  Posts with ropes were on the old one, but the new walkway is wider. The Committee felt they would access the necessity of posts with ropes as the season progresses.
”    Lee brought up the grading by the porta potties.  The Committee will check this out.
”    An additional garbage receptacle needs to put by the A1 Dock stairs.  A chain is currently there at that spot for a receptacle.  Also, it was recommended that garbage receptacle that says “cans only” be replaced with a regular garbage receptacle since cans are getting comingled with regular garbage there.
”    Marina Committee members should notify Kathy about any infractions that they see at the Marina. Pictures and time period should be included with the email.  The Marina Committee chairperson should be cc.
”    The Gmail account has had one comment from a property owner primarily addressing lighting.  The Committee discussed his points and Rick will respond to his concerns.
”    Torrey will follow up with Waterway Conservation Officers to see when an instructional session can be set up.
”    It was noticed that the porta potties were reversed and that it might be causing confusion.
”    A Tow Boat discount does not seem possible at this time.
”    The old stairs for A Dock should be taken down late fall or early winter.  John Carney will notify the Committee of the costs.  Repurposing some of the wood may be a possibility.
”    The Committee would like the Board of Directors to revisit the standard used for the size of boats newly given dock spaces. It was felt that manufacturers’ specifications should be the standard. 
”    There were a number Double decker boats that were purchased prior to the ruling that they are not allowed on our docks.  Some Committee members suggested that they be put together on A Dock to avoid difficulties for other boaters trying to get into docks near them.
The next Zoom Meeting is being scheduled Thursday, July 15th at 7 PM.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Maynes