MARCH 11, 2023


The Board of Directors’ executive meeting commenced at 8:00 AM.

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Alan Cucciniello (Vice President), Greg Pollock (Treasurer), Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike McGregor, Mike Cioffi, and John Carney (General Manager). Bruce Phillips was excused.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

A motion to approve February 18th, 2023 minutes was made by Al and seconded by Greg.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance (Greg Pollock):

  • Greg distributed the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Financial Reporting Package dated February 23, 2023 (“Unaudited”).
  • Greg brought to the BODs’ attention that WLE’s budget was on target in all areas except for the Marina and Security.  
  • Security’s budget was slightly higher due to necessary overtime. 
  • The Marina’s surplus is falling behind the desired goals.  Therefore, fees in that area must be increased next year.  Kathleen has communicated that to the Marina Committee.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney): 

  • The Dectron System is scheduled to be shipped March 9 and arrive by March 15th. . It is estimated that it will take about two weeks to complete installation.  Maintenance made additional improvements to the indoor pool area during the waiting period for this system.
  • All Safety Patrol Officers have been certified in Narcan.  They will carry Narcan with them at all times and it will also be available in the Main Office.
  • WLE has secured a Liability Package that includes a First Responder Policy. The First Responder policy will cover any volunteer who is a professional person in the medical field who would assist with a medical emergency in WLE, provided WLE has their current certifications. It is possible that the person in the medial field could be covered by their own insurance or if not in the medical field could be covered by the Good Samaritan Act.
  • Four automobile boots have been purchased and a towing company has been secured for those vehicles that are illegally parked on WLE’s roads and amenity areas.  All attempts will be made to only use this method as a last resort.  

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Ed Jordan):

  • The Maintenance Department has been taking the opportunity to update some of the indoor pool facilities while waiting for the Dectron System.  This includes new flooring, caulking around the pools, painting, and a thorough cleaning.
  • Greg from the Maintenance Department built two new lifeguard chairs, This saved WLE from paying exorbitant prices for ones for sale in catalogs and online.
  • Maintenance has been preparing vehicles for inspections.
  • The BODs were all in favor of moving the Skateboard Park to Tennis Lane and develop a plan for a new salt and anti-skid sheds preferably at the maintenance area.
  • New kitchen cabinets will be installed in Beaver Lodge during March.
  • Housekeeping will begin to give a thorough cleaning to seasonal areas during March. 

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor):

  • Northend and PPL installed a temporary voltage and amperage monitor on the meter pump at station 6 to regulate voltage issues.
  • There were 5 trailer loads of sludge removed this month.
  • All issues with the Marina Drive well have been addressed.  
  • Sewer and Water staff was trained on the new meter laptop.
  • No leaks were found in the testing of both the Fawn Hill and Marina wells.
  • Two bids have come in for the Fawn Hill well project.  WLE will be signing the lower cost bid.  This is with a vendor who has been known to do quality work.

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominic provided the BODs with a Public Safety Report for February 2023 that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls. 
  • All Public Safety Officers have been trained in Narcan and will be carrying it on them.  There is also additional Narcan in the Main Office.
  • Adams Cable Service is coming in to test the Wi-Fi to make sure all WLE’s cameras are working properly.
  • Mike C. discussed a company coming in to do a psychological background check (a fitness for duty) on newly hired Public Safety officers.  He will obtain a price on this service and provide it to the BODs. 
  • A flotation device will be placed and the U Docks for emergencies.
  • Al may have a connection with an instructor to teach a First Aid course to interested property owners.  Since Narcan training is a video, property owner may be trained in that as well.  
  • Two property owners came to discuss Public Safety concerns.

Legal/Administration (Ed Jordan):

  • A draft of the Annual Meeting Packet was distributed for the Board’s review.

Ed made the motion to appoint Nan Yack to chair the Election Committee for the 2023 Annual Meeting and chair the nominating committee.

The motion was seconded by Al.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Building Committee (Greg Pollock):

  • The Building Committee put forth a proposal for hours of work for property owners acting as a contractor.  The BODs did not accept the proposal.
  • WLE is currently at 1419 houses.

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):

  • The Marina Committee did not have a meeting this month.
  • All the mains for F Dock are finished and the Maintenance Department is close to completing the fingers.
  • Kathleen has emailed the Marina Committee about budget concerns.


CDC (Mike Cioffi): (The March meeting was cancelled.) 

Neighborhood Watch (Mike McGregor): (No February/March meeting)

Recreation (Al Cucciniello): 

  • The Recreation Committee’s meeting was concurrent with this BODs’ meeting.
  • Upcoming events include St. Patrick’s Day Party, and an Egg Hunt.

WLE Beautification: (No February/March meeting)

Paupack Township (John Carney):

  • Paupack Township had a public hearing on the proposed Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance.  STRs were met with resistance by the majority of people that attended. Twenty-two residents spoke at the public hearing and had major concerns with the proposed ordinance’s impact on roads, sewage and water. They were also troubled with loud parties and disturbances from STR’s and allowing the STR permit to transfer with the sale of a house being used for a STR. Occupancy allowance for STR’s included 2 persons per bedroom plus 4 additional people. Children under 2 years of age would not count in the number. These numbers are for sleeping purposes. The ordinance would allow more people as guest during the day.
  • Paupack Township Planning Board and Supervisors are attempting to come up with a STR Ordinance that will balance STR use and the public. Some matters that were objected to in the proposed ordinance are mandated by law and the township must stay within the law.
  • Newly purchase houses will be inspected prior to any STRs, a permit will be needed with an application procedure, the proposed ordinance details what the owner of STR’s must do and rules that need to be followed. The proposed ordinance is on the Paupack Township website.
  • Paupack Township will now look at the comments at this public hearing to determine if they need to revise the proposed STR Ordinance.
  • Paupack Township is holding their Spring Cleanup on April ???


  • Two property owners requested that there be further development in the U Dock area. Although funds are limited, the BODs welcome their proposal in improving this area.
  • John was presented a deed from property sold in section 6 provided by Besko Realty Company stating that the lots sold would not be eligible for WLE’s sewer and water service 

Unfinished Business:

  • Solar Power will be explored at the next BODs meeting.
  • The Annual Meeting Packet will be voted at the next meeting.


New Business:

  • Since golf carts suspensions continue to change for a better ride, John proposed a standard for determining if a golf cart is a standard or modified one. To be a standard golf cart the bottom of the chassis should be less than 9 ½ inches from the ground. Shocks will be allowed as long as it maintains the proper height from the ground. The BODs favored this proposal.
  • John presented a revised contract for operating the Snack Bars.  The BODs were in favor of the revisions. 
  • A non-disparagement agreement will be added to the Employee Handbook.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Al:

Motion to waive first right of refusal on properties listed in the March 2023 Packet.

It was unanimously approved. 

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Al and seconded by Mike.  It was unanimously approved.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:00 AM

The next open BODs meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2023 at 8:00am followed by an open session at 9:00am at the MCH.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes