The meeting of the WLE POA Recreation Committee was called to order by Tri Chair Lonnie Galovic at

10:06 a.m. Saturday, March 11th, 2023, in the Adult Lodge.  Members stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  


Minutes for February were sent to the members to review before meeting. Lonnie asked if there were any additions or corrections. There were not.  Eileen McGregor made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Cassandra Galovic.  All members voted with a raise of hands, no opposition, minutes were approved.

The treasurer’s report was read by Lonnie. 

Balance forwarded on 1/31/2022 was $31,436.16.

Total Revenue is $2,758.33, Total expenses are $2862.94, Total cash is $31,831,55.

 GL Ending Balance @ 2/28/2023 – $31.331.55

Eileen McGregor mentioned the CD be moved to revenue as it is not total cash.

Dan Braun made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Rob Cominski.  Raise of hands, no opposition; motion approved.


Superbowl Party– (2/12) Very successful. Roughly 50 people. 

Ice Cream Social – (2/18) Sold out at 175 people. Successful event. 

Bon Fire – (2/18) Big success. 200+ people. Made 120 smores, sold out of hot chocolate. 

Brunch – (2/19) Success 125 people. Lonnie brings to attention food waste. The remainder of the food is given to maintenance. In the future, the start date will be 11am until the food is gone.

Family Bingo – (2/19) success. Sold out. Had to turn people away. All of the supplies including raffle give aways have been purchased for Memorial Day and summer bingo. Profit of $456.15. Stephanie Bradford will be chairing the Memorial Day weekend family bingo.

Karaoke– (2/25) 50 people. Very successful. Another one in April is being discussed. 

Event Packet – Still in progress. Meeting scheduled for April. Update to come.


St. Patrick’s Day party – (3/25) Decorations are purchased, DJ is under contract, Price of corned beef has gone up from $2 to $4 per pound. Last year 99 people showed and 11 of them were kids. So it is important to buy tickets early.

Kids easter egg hunt –(4/1)  Everything is ordered and any volunteers who want to stuff eggs are welcome. 

Adult easter egg hunt – (4/1) Cancelled as a rec event. 

Wildlife Preservation – (5/6) Still taking place. MCH, 2PM, Bi admission. 8 live animals and discussions along with them.

Scavenger hunt – (5/27) Ready to go. Due to take place at 11am. 

Memorial Day weekend discussion about basketball tournament. Volunteers needed to officiate. Ages 6-21 years old. Lonnie to publicize. Will be discussed again in the future. 

Memorial Day Bingo – (5/28) Doors open at 6:30, game starts promptly at 7pm. Everything is set and ready to go. Stephanie Bradford to chair, Marge Kenny to shadow. 

Sip N Paint– (6/24) Glass to be painted. $25 cash, $26 Venmo, Limit of 35 people. Event will be held in the Main club house. 

Independence Day picnic (7/1 rain date 7/2) trying to get a funnel cake stand, pizza truck chuck on standby, electrical box being installed due to last years power supply issue.  

Music in the park – scheduled- Q-Ball – 7/15, The lights – 7/29, Brian & Friends – 8/12, The Fabulous 45’s – 8/26.  The schedule is set for every other weekend. 

Craft store – Tara- clothing order in progress. Embroidery price has gone up. So far, she is up to $3500. Childrens clothing to be screen printed. Adult clothing to be embroidered. Last year’s sales of $6765.00. Proposal to be discussed in the future. The need to increase the budget may need to be discussed. 

Swim team– Kathy- tricky tray up and running- a couple parents are able to be available as needed. 2 coaches coming back. 


Sand art – Nicole – Old supplies are in the barn and need to be inventoried. Date needs to be set. 

Chalk the walk – postpone until the next meeting, needing a chair for the event.

Comedy night – Terry Cucciniello and Doreen Napoli- Tentative May 27th (evening Memorial Day) $1500.  Only one comedian so far. Awaiting schedule. 

Comedian Uncle Floyd- Lonnie- 7/ 22. 7pm. Potentially a dinner and show. Eileen McGregor to assist. Smaller format, adult content. 

Cornhole Tournament -Bill- (5/27 @1pm) May need to purchase, or have built, a couple cornhole sets. Memorial Day weekend. To be discussed again at the next meeting. Vote to have tournament, additional vote to buy more sets. Kids vs. kids, Adults vs. adults, etc. The tournament to begin at roughly 1pm. Need flyer, event packet, sign up sheet. No cost event. Rec has prizes available. Motion to have tournament @ Rockledge. Sunday finals maybe.

Attendance sheets– must have a sign-in sheet for ALL events run through recreation.

Pantry and refrigeration – unlocked at all times unless the kitchen being rented, and a lock is requested.

Members in good standing – please refrain from voting if members are not in good standing. 

Texas hold’em – 7/14 and 8/11 – Card bingo to be paused for the summer starting 

College students want to put on a play – donations welcome. To be held during the week. Play by ear. 

Summer Rec. person – Start July 7th– Aug 25th. Still looking for someone

Maintenance to build a closet at bever lodge to reduce overstock in the barn.

Movie night – (Terry C.) Aug 5th 

Beach party (Martin and Lonnie) Aug 19th

Flea market 7/22- 9-3pm

Car show– Waiting on a date.

Family Rave– Stephanie Bradford – 7/8 Proposal to come. Tara to co-chair. 

Motion to Adjourn – Dan 

Respectively submitted, 

Stephanie Bradford