MAY 20, 2023


The Board of Directors’ meeting commenced at 8:00 AM.

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Greg Pollock (Treasurer), Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike Cioffi, Mike McGregor, Bruce Phillips, and John Carney (General Manager).  Alan Cucciniello was excused.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

A motion to approve the April 15, 2023 minutes was made by Bruce and seconded by Mike C.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):

  • A number of cameras have been replaced.  The picture quality of the new cameras are far superior to the old ones
  • Beaver and Deer Lakes have been sprayed due to the appearance of early algae.
  • Both Rockledge and Beaver Pools are ready to open. Rockledge Pool is open this weekend. 
  • Maintenance has been doing a good job working on our grounds.
  • The older pumps motors for the outdoor pools are being sent out for repairs.  This way they can be used as spares if the ones at Rockledge or Beaver go down.
  • The Marina Docks are in the process of being treated with environmental safe spray for wasps.
  • The Dectron System for the indoor pool has been shipped. Once it is received, arrangements will be made for its immediate installation.
  • WLE is waiting for plumbing and electrical quotes for the Fawn Hill well project.
  • It was determined that it was not cost effective to replace a transmission for the housekeeping vehicle. Public Safety will be purchasing a new vehicle and their oldest vehicle will go to housekeeping.  The purchase of this replacement vehicle is budgeted for in the Reserve Study.
  • The Lighthouse at the Marina is unsightly.  It will be moved to the Maintenance area to determine if it is repairable. 
  • Both Rockledge and Beaver snack shacks will be open Memorial Day weekend. 
  • Annual meeting packets have been mailed out.
  • Tar and chipping roads will begin in June after road repairs are made. 

Treasurer’s Financial Report (Greg Pollock):

  • Greg distributed the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Financial Reporting Package dated April 30, 2023 (“Unaudited”).
  • Collections are good and the budget is on target despite a projected $118,000 operating income loss. 

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Bruce Phillips):

  • The Maintenance Department has completed building all mains and fingers for F Dock.
  • All plows and all but 2 cinder spreaders have been removed.
  • The Maintenance Department changed the oil and rotated the tires on all of their vehicles.
  • Multiple bulk pick-ups were completed.
  • Spring clean-ups are in progress with mulching of needed areas.
  • The Marina opened on May 5th.
  • A deteriorated picnic bench will be replaced at Beaver Marina and the docks at Beaver Marina and Beaver Beach will be repaired or replaced.
  • New cabinets, countertop, and sink are being installed at Beaver Lodge Kitchen.
  • Both Beaver and Deer Beach will be getting additional sand and it will be raked daily.
  • Beaver and Deer Beach bathrooms are now open.

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor):

  • Miscellaneous maintenance was performed at the Sewer Treatment Plant. 
  • Infiltration research was done along with some manhole cleaning with the vactor unit.
  • Seven tractor trailer loads of sludge were hauled from the sludge tank this month.
  • Leak detection continues.
  • When the pump from the Marina well was replaced, it caused some houses on Boat House Road to have water discoloration.  This was immediately taken care of by flushing. 
  • Water main flushing will take place May 23rd through May 25th.  Boat House Road will also be flushed again during this schedule.


Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominic provided the BODs with a Public Safety Report for April 2023 that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls.
  • One of Public Safety’s vehicles is being replaced and the old one will be used by Housekeeping.
  • John believes he might have someone in mind to offer a First Aid Course for interested POA members.  He will follow through on this.

Building Committee (Ed Jordan):

  • There are currently 1421 homes in WLE.
  • Building permits have been increasing as the spring progresses.
  • Greg will email the BODs this week with information about burying propane tanks.

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):

  • A Pennsylvania Boating Safety Course was offered on April 29th at the Main Clubhouse.
  • There have been some complaints about F Dock.  John has walked F Dock and some of the complaints will be rectified.  Next year there will be one person in charge to check and oversee the building of the docks.
  • The Marina Committee met on April 22nd.  The Marina Committee examined their budget.  Since the next sets of docks that need to be replaced are smaller and less costly to replace, the Committee does not recommend that slip fees be raised for the 2024 season.  The BODs will discuss this at a later date.
  • The Marina Committee approved the following applicants for their Committee: Jeff Smith, Frank Carrotozzolo, Rick Rivera, and Maureen White. By consensus the Board approved the four applicants. They asked the BODs to notify these applicants.

CDC (Mike Cioffi): 

  • Mike C. informed the CDC that the BODs have no problem with putting the WLE sticker on a hang tag on the windshield mirror.  Security has been made aware that this is acceptable.
  • At May’s meeting one violation was reviewed for illegal parking and was found in violation.
  • The CDC recommends that Rachel Niccoll be accepted as an alternate to the CDC Committee.  They also recommend that Gino Dall Aste who is currently third alternate be moved to second alternate. By consensus the Board approved the Committee’s recommendations. The asked the BODs to notify these applicants.

Neighborhood Watch (Bruce Phillips):

  • Carts, modified golf carts, and UTVs will be displaying stickers on the vehicles.  There will be a different color sticker for each type of vehicle.
  • Next year all golf cart & UTV stickers will need to be placed on a specific designated position on the vehicles.
  • Neighborhood Watch is preparing to assist with summer activities.

Recreation (Ed Jordan):

  • Successful past activities included Thursday Breakfasts, Karaoke Night, A Wild Life Preservation Presentation, and a Fly Fishing Course.
  • The upcoming activities include a Corn Hole Tournament, Comedy Night, Scavenger Hunt, Memorial Day Weekend Bingo, Family Glow Party, Texas Hold’em, Fishing Derby, Tricky Tray Auction, and the Independence Day Picnic.
  • Vendors are returning for the Independence Day Party, including a new one selling Caribbean foods. 
  • Summer Bingo, Wednesday Night Movies, the Swim Team, and Ceramics will also continue during the summer.
  • A Recreation Coordinator has been hired for the summer.
  • The Recreation Committee decided to purchase a cotton candy machine.
  • The Craft Shop will open Memorial Day weekend.

WLE Beautification: 

  • Volunteers have been busy planting flowers.
  • The wagon will be decorated shortly.
  • Norway spruces, crab apples trees, and Japanese maples have been planted at various locations.

Paupack Township (Provided by Bruce Phillips):

  • There are no updates on short term rental rules.
  • Town minutes can be found online


  • The BODs reviewed a situation with a property owner’s sewer backup.  
  • Brian Schan answered questions about this situation.
  • John needs to get additional information about insurance claims in order for the BODs to further their discussions on the issue.

Unfinished Business:

  • The BODs is still awaiting information and pricing on solar power.
  • The BODs discussed the use of the Adult Lodge. A revision to the previous motion was made.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Mike C.:

WLE sanctioned committee meetings can be scheduled at the Adult Lodge on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

New Business:

  • Kathleen brought up the need to have a Technology Committee to make recommendations to the BODs about technologies that would benefit WLEPOA.

The following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Mike C.:

A new Technology Committee would be formed to advise the BODs about technologies that would benefit WLEPOA.

It was unanimously approved. 

The following motion was made by Greg and seconded by Mike M.:

Motion to waive first right of refusal on properties listed in the May 23, 2023 Packet.

It was unanimously approved. 

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 AM was made by Greg and seconded by Bruce.  It was unanimously approved.

The Annual Open Board Meeting is scheduled on June 10th at 10:00 AM at the Main Club House.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes