Wallenpaupack Lake Estates

Property Owners Association

Building Committee

Adult Lodge

Approved Minutes

November 5, 2022

Time:  9:01 AM

Mr.  Young called the meeting to order at:   9:00 AM. 

In attendance were (in bold type):

John Young, Chairperson

Rich Yack, Recording Secretary

Dale Pepper

Frank Bruno – Absent

Tom Huhn

Fran Raimo – BCO

Gregory Pollock — BOD Liaison 

The October 1, 2022, minutes were approved and distributed as presented/corrected. 

BCO Report:  

BOD Liaison Report:

  1. BOD Liaison – Hot Tubs & Spas:  BOD Approved wording for Hot Tubs & Spas (No swim spas) Except for #3 Placement at least 10 feet from any structure windows or doors.
  2. BOD Fuel Tank concealment response:  BOD Approved wording of concealment on three sides and hidden from public view.  Article VI Section *
  3. BOD Committee members response:  BOD will advertise for applicants.
  4. BOD Erosion Control PA Title 25 Chapter 102 response:  BOD to discuss further.
  5. BCO authority for Erosion Control:  BOD Approved BCO authority including fines and work stop orders.

Old Business:  ( See Above)

New Business:


  1. Property owners Outside weekend work hours and permitting.  This will be discussed by Committee at next meeting scheduled for 9am December 1, 2022 in the Administration Building.

Hearing Request:  Mr. Tony Jorge 1003 Harmony Drive (2-282) Disputing fines for non-compliance of Non-fee Permit issued April 29, 2020, Drainage and Erosion Control.

Mt. Jorge presented his case for disputing fines from 9:45 am to 10:08 am including showing video of water run-off.  The committee thanked him for his appearance.  After discussion it was determined that a fine would be recommended to the BOD of $200.00 for violation of not maintaining a non-fee permit and lack of completing drainage in a timely manner.  Mr. Young will send a letter to Mr. Jorge stating the recommendation.


**The next meeting December 1st, 2022, at 9am at Administrative Office Conference Room.

*The next scheduled meeting is April 1st, 2023, at 9am at Adult Lodge

Non-Fee Permits:  32 

Fee Permits: 8 @ $1,925.00 

Tree Removal:  20    

Homes built: 1817

Motion to adjourn at 10:35AM by Dale Pepper and seconded by Tom Huhn

Respectfully Submitted:  Rich Yack, Recording Secretary