NOVEMBER 20, 2021
The open Board of Directors meeting commenced at 9:00 AM.
The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Alan Cucciniello (Vice President), Greg Pollock (Treasurer), Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike McGregor, Jack Gilleeny, and John Carney (General Manager).  Jerry Beskovoyne was excused.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said.
General Manager’s Report (John Carney):
”    During the October’s BODs meeting, it was mentioned that the flags on golf carts and UTVs are the primary way to identify a vehicle.  Therefore, a discussion was held about doing away with license plates for golf carts and UTVs. However, Chief Manetti relayed that license plates are used by officers to identify illegal dumping at the compactor with the use of cameras.  At least for now, WLE will continue to issue the plates that are currently in stock.
”    WLE will continue to request the boat registration each year for boats assigned to slips.
”    Deer Lake Dam was recently inspected and the reports will be forwarded to the PA DEP.  WLE has been warned that a property owner cannot do any type of digging into an embankment when their property abuts the dam. Upon inspection, it has been noted that three docks and some planted trees are in violation.  The situation with one of the docks and planted trees has been rectified.  The dock that belongs to another property owner is in the process of being rectified. One more property owner needs to be contacted about their violation.  Property owners whose property abuts the dam will receive a letter stating that digging is prohibited along the embankment.
”    A fish survey was performed at Deer Lake and Beaver Lake. The fish survey was done to determine the population and health of the fish and to better develop a stocking program. Property owners have noted that they are not catching as many fish as they did in previous years and the size of the fish are much smaller. It has also been observed that many property owners are keeping their catch. The survey will give us a better idea of the size and quantity of fish in both lakes.  Therefore, it will assist in determining if there needs to be any restrictions on fishing as well as provide information on the type of fish that should be considered for restocking these lakes.
”    Department heads and the office staff have been diligently working on preparing a 2022 operating budget for the Board’s review.  Bruce Phillips met with the department heads and Lorrainne Daviduk, WLE Controller, to update The Major Repair and Replacement Reserve Cash Flow Projections.  Bruce Phillips was instrumental in developing the plan and continues to assist WLE in keeping the plan updated.
”    The contractor was in to look at Beaver tennis court to give us a proposal to turn the tennis court into 4 pickleball courts. The contractor feels comfortable installing four courts. It will be enough room that players will not be crowded.
Questions from the property owners:
”    A property owner reminded the BODs about her previous request of putting lights at the basketball courts.
o    The BODs will be addressing that in their capital expense budget discussions.
”    Property owner asked why Marina expenses were so high.
o    It was explained that the contractors for the stairs and the rising cost of materials elevated the expenditures. Next year E Dock, the stairs to J Dock, and one of the walkways will be replaced.
”    Property owner asked if all volunteers that work with children need to have a background check.
o    The BODs said yes. 
”    Property owner asked if the shuffle board could be redone
o    John Carney said the Shuffle Board courts were redone
Tree replacement was also addressed.
Terry Vetter provided the BODs with Beautification Committee Report.  (A summary of this will be under the Committee Reports.)
The minutes from the Board of Directors Reorganization Meeting on October 16, 2021 were approved.
General Manager’s Report (John Carney):  (Included in the Open Meeting Section)
Treasurer’s Financial Report (Greg Pollock):
”    Eighteen new home permits have been issued.
”    The resale certificates, which are the responsibility of the seller, have been increased from $150. To $200.  This is far less than other Associations.
”    Greg noted that the Association is in good shape in terms of the budget, but needs to be diligent in areas of concern. 
”    Areas of concern for 2022 include projected cost of living expenses as they relate to staffing and wages as well as increased cost of fuel, utilities, and materials.
”    Greg distributed two budget reports:  The Financial Reporting Package (dated October 31, 2021) and The Revenue Expense Budget (Actual and proposed for 2022). 
”    The Board reviewed  the proposed budget for 2022 and Greg made the following Motion:
The annual assessment for improved and unimproved properties will increase by 3%.  Improved property will be increased to $1,917.04 and unimproved will be increased to $1,098.24.
The Motion was seconded by Al.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion (Jerry voted by phone).
Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:
Maintenance / Housekeeping (Ed Jordan):   
”    Maintenance has completed the numerous tasks in preparation of winter.
”    Indoor pool bathroom floors as well as new toilets have been installed.
”    Siding on the Maintenance Shop has been completed.
”    Operation “Ditch Work” continues until the weather turns.
”    A 12,000 lb. lift will be installed.  This will allow the Maintenance Department to upkeep the Association’s vehicles at a substantial savings.
”    Maintenance enclosed the Rockledge Heaters to protect from rodents and weather. The job was performed in-house.
Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor):
”    The Sewer Treatment Plant flow averages are up due to high rain events.
”    Repairs are being made where there is infiltration.
”    The recent three-year inspection by the DEP was complemented the plants cleanliness and operation.
”    Water flows are running closer to normal for this time of year.
”    Water flushing is scheduled for the spring.
”    Due to power issues caused by a storm, repairs needed to be completed at the Marina Drive well.
Public Safety (Ed Jordan):
”    A new Public Safety Officer has been hired.
”    Dominick provided the BODs a Public Safety Report for October that included citations, incidences, and EMS calls.
Building Committee (Al Cucciniello):
”    The Building Committee is reformatting the rules and regulations to make a more user friendly guide.
”    Rules and regulations about differentiating between new home construction and additions on existing homes are in the process of revision/reorganization.
”    WLE’s rules on hot tubs do not comply with Paupack Township’s rules.  The Building Committee is in the process of addressing this.
”    Fines are being addressed in terms of work completed without a permit and a house that was painted in an unapproved color.
Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):
”    Twenty one people took the free Boating Safety Course.
”    The Marina Committee complimented the Maintenance Department’s painting of curbing at the launch.
”    The Marina Committee recommends that the Marina be closed a week earlier at the next five year draw down of the Lake.
CDC (Kathleen Maynes):
”    The CDC reviewed eight cases.  All were found in violation.
”    The CDC requested that the letter going out for compactor infractions contain the standard fine of $100.  The BODs decided that the fine in the letters will reflect the fine for the item that is improperly disposed.
”    The CDC requested that a list of offenders for compactor infractions and loose dogs be kept longer than a calendar year.  The BODs agreed to maintain such lists.
Neighborhood Watch (Al Cucciniello):
”    Neighborhood Watch assisted with Trunk or Treat on October 31st.
Recreation (Al Cucciniello):
”    The Craft Shop made a profit of $2,179. this season.  A full inventory will be completed and submitted to the Office and Recreation Committee.
”    A sub-committee from the Recreation Committee will be revising the Committee’s Charter.  They must present this to the Tri-Chairs and then BODs for approval.
”    Trunk or Treat was enjoyed by many this Halloween.
”    Preparation of Warrior Ornaments, Friends Giving, Tree Lighting, Santa on the Fire Truck, Drive Thru Cookies and Hot Chocolate, and Pre-Holiday Party are among some of the activities that the Recreation Committee has planned.
”    Alcoholic beverages may not be sold at any WLE event.
”    All adults supervising children must go through a background check.  John will follow up to make sure that this is enforced.
WLE Beautification (Jack Gilleeny): 
”    Fall decorations will be taken down on or around November 20th.
”    The Committee planted over 350 bulbs.
”    The Committee is looking for help with the holiday decorations.
”    The Committee thanks the Maintenance Department for cleaning out the area above the overpass. This area will be used for storage for the Beautification Committee.
Paupack Township (Provided by Jerry Beskovoyne):
”    Paupack Township is almost done with rental enforcement code. 
”    They plan to adopt it in early 2022.
”    Paupack Township plans to hire an enforcement person based on house size/occupancy.
”    A property owner emailed a letter to John about the CDC’s decision on a flag missing from a golf cart.  The BODs supports the CDC decision.
Unfinished Business:
”    Jack had proposed a pavilion that would overlook Lake Wallenpaupack.  Jerry and Jack are continuing to investigate the feasibility of this project.
”    John continues to explore the reorganization and streamlining of office procedures.
New Business:
”    John will re-investigate electric at the Ball Field.
”    WLE will investigate the use of solar energy on its buildings.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Al and seconded by Jack.  It was unanimously approved.
Meeting Adjourned at 11:00 AM
The next BODs meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2021.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen R. Maynes