Wallenpaupack Lake Estates

Property Owners Association

Building Committee

Adult Lodge

Approved Minutes

October 1, 2022

Time:  9:00 AM

Mr. Young called the meeting to order at:   9:05 AM.  

In attendance were (in bold type):

John Young, Chairperson

Rich Yack, Recording Secretary

Dale Pepper

Frank Bruno

Tom Huhn – Excused

Fran Raimo – BCO

Gregory Pollock — BOD Liaison 

The August 6, 2022, minutes were approved and distributed as presented/corrected. 

BCO Report: Erosion control addresses below – Old Business #4.

BOD Liaison Report:  See Old Business Items 1 and 2.

Old Business:

  1. BOD Liaison – Feedback from BOD on Hot Tubs, Spas etc. The BODs response is the size should be 10’x10’, also that below grade would not be allowed nor would fencing.  The BOD will not allow “Swim Spas”.  (John will consolidate the language and forward to all members.)
  2. Review wording on fuel tank concealment – Article VI Regulations; Section 8              Page 17 Fuel Tank Concealment and location. Propane tanks in the community are to be concealed on three sides and hidden from public view. Burial may be a way to conceal the tank as per BOD.  To be discussed after feedback form BOD at the November meeting.
  3. Status of applications for vacant committee position. Greg said the BOD will increase the advertising to fill those vacant positions.
  4. Erosion Control may need to be addressed in the Rules and Regulations.  (PA Title 25 Chapter 102) – Tabled until further information gathered by the BOD.  Suggested that the BCO have more authority to issue fines and stop work orders for violations.  To be discussed at November meeting.

New Business:

No new business discussed.


Motion to adjourn at 10:05 AM by Frank Bruno and Second by Dale Pepper.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 5, 2022, at 9am Adult Lodge

Non-Fee Permits:    40

Fee Permits:  10 @ $2,245.25

Tree Removal:       31

Homes built: 1415

Respectfully Submitted:  Rich Yack