OCTOBER 21, 2023

The Board of Directors’ meeting commenced at 8:00 AM.

The following Board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), Mike McGregor, Scott Healy, Jerry Beskovoyne, and John Carney (General Manager).  Mike Cioffi and Bruce Phillips (Treasurer) joined via Zoom. 

Ed began the session with the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion to approve the minutes from the Board of Directors’ Meeting on September 16, 2023 was made by Scott and seconded by Mike M.  The minutes were unanimously approved.  

General Manager’s Report (John Carney):

  • Wilmot installed a large pipe at the bottom of Mustang and Aquarius Roads to improve drainage.
  • Paupack Township will provide information on the newly adopted Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance at a meeting at the MCH at 9 AM  next Saturday (October 28th ).
  • Budget preparation has begun for 2024.
  • The Fawn Hill Well Project is making good progress.

The BODs examined Paupack Township Ordinance of STRs and WLE’s Rules and Regulation.

The following motion was made by Ed and seconded by Jerry:

WLEPOA will comply with Paupack Township Short Term Rule Ordinance (Number 2023-61) in addition to WLE’s Rules and Regulations.

In addition to this, the BODs will be considering some additional verbiage in WLE’s Rules and Regulations that will allow WLE to further support and strengthen the components of the Paupack Township Ordinance and our Rental Rules and Regulations.

Reports of Departments / Committees/ Ad Hoc Groups:

Treasurer’s Report/Finance (Bruce Phillips):

  • The Operating Budget Summary dated 09/30/2023 was distributed.  As of now, all Departments are favorable.
  • Bruce is currently working on the 2024 budget

Maintenance / Housekeeping (Jerry Beskovoyne):

  • Maintenance has been addressing the following items: removing the marina docks, cleaning up and winterizing amenities, replacing rotten framing under Beaver Lodge deck, getting spreaders and plows ready for the winter season, and replenishing the salt and cinder piles.  
  • The Maintenance will be removing the lighthouse from the Marina. The BODs discussed various options for its repair.
  • This summer the PA Department of Health checked our pools and they were found in compliance with the State’s guidelines.  Special thanks goes out to Cord for his diligence in maintaining them.
  • The maintenance of all WLE’s vehicles is now being completed in-house.
  • Housekeeping has begun deep cleaning of the interior of the amenities now that the summer is over.
  • Housekeeping has a new employee that is becoming a valuable asset to that department.

Sewer and Water (Mike McGregor)

  • Miscellaneous maintenance was performed at the sewer plant and sewer system.
  • Koberline hauled 34,000 gallons from the sludge tank.
  • Several manholes were pulled and inspected for infiltration.
  • The chlorine reduction project at Fawn Hill Well is underway.
  • The water system tank was cleaned and sanitized while the outside of the tower was painted and the leaking seam was repaired.
  • Water flushing took place in October and all went well.

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominic provided the BODs with a Public Safety Report for September 2023 that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls.
  • Since one of our new Public Safety Officers is trained in the use of the speed radar detector, he will be instructing the other officers in its use.
  • Vandalism to a boat and a home break in are being investigated by Pennsylvania State Police.


Building Committee (Scott Healy):.

  • 26 non-fee permits and 24 tree removal permits were issued.
  • The Building Committee has made recommendations for the colors for exterior walls, roofs, decks, and railings.  The BODs will look at these recommendations and make a final decision next month.
  • A problem with drainage on Aquarius was addressed with a contractor. The contractor did not properly identify the work he did.

Recreation: (Scott Healy) 

  • The Recreations Committee welcomed its new tri-chair, Martin Logue
  • Unfortunately, the Cornhole tournament scheduled for October 7th was called off due to rain.  However, future winter Cornhole Tournaments will be held at Beaver Lodge.
  • The upcoming activities include Trunk or Treat, Halloween Spooktacular, Thursday Coffee, Holiday Craft Fair, and Card Bingo.
  • The Craft Shop needs to provide a complete accounting of sales profits for both WLE and vendor merchandise. 

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes):.

  • The pathways along the docks will be cleaned up and improved with additional stone.
  • Marina Committee members have volunteered to spray the dock with a preservative in the spring prior to being put in Lake Wallenpaupack.  The BODs wants them to check with the DEP and/or Brookfield to see if this is permitted.  They also want an estimate of the amount of preservative necessary to complete this task.
  • The closing of the Marina will be October 15th each year (with the possible exception of when there is a drawdown).  The office will make sure that this is posted online and at the Marina next year.
  • Upon the Marina’s Committee request, WLE will request Brookfield that they issue a permit for an additional buoy to be placed outside our Marina.  Also, the one that sank this year will be replaced.  That will make a total of 5 buoys outside our Marina.

Upon the Marina Committee request, the following motion was made by Kathleen and seconded by Jerry:

Mooring Shock Absorbers, also known as a rubber snubbers or bungie dock lines, are now mandatory on the front of all watercraft.  (This is used to relieve tension on the ropes connecting watercraft to dock and avoid damage to the docks.) 

It was unanimously approved.

The following motion was made by Jerry and seconded by Kathleen:

Dock fees will be raised $10. for 2024.

It was unanimously approved.

CDC (Mike Cioffi):  

  • Two cases were reviewed.  Both were found in violation.

Neighborhood Watch (Mike McGregor): 

  • In the future Public Safety Reports will be given to the Neighborhood Watch chairperson prior to meetings.
  • The Medical room was cleaned and inventoried.
  • Neighborhood Watch will be assisting at the Trunk or Treat.

WLE Beautification (Mike McGregor):

  • The Beautification Committee is to be commended for their fall decorations, especially the wagon.

Technology Committee (Proposed) (Kathleen Maynes):

  • Kathleen presented a draft charter for the Technology Committee. The BODs will review it and vote on it in November.
  • Improvements have been made for Wi-Fi access at the MCH.
  • Two cameras have been ordered to facilitate zoom meetings at the MCH.
  • A proposal has been made for updating the sound system in the MCH.  The BOD approved a $1,700 expenditure to purchase the items in the proposal. This will also facilitate the sound for zooming meetings.
  • The Committee is checking with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T for possible future savings.
  • Wi-Fi and Zoom access policies are being explored.

Paupack Township (Jerry Beskovoyne):

  • Paupack Township will provide information on the newly adopted Short Term Rental Ordinance at a meeting at the MCH at 9 AM next Saturday (October 28th).
  • Paupack Township took possession of an unkept home in order to bring it to the current code.

First right of refusals were done via email due to the fact that they were time sensitive.  

They included the following:

Section and Lot:

Email Approval Date:











1-046 and 1-047




They were unanimously approved. 

Unfinished Business:

  • The BODs are waiting for specs for the electronic bulletin board.
  • It has been very difficult to o obtain prices for solar power on the Main Club House and Main Office. Ed will continue to explore this.  


New Business:

  • John explained a drainage issue on Commanche Circle.  

The following motion was made by Jerry and seconded by Scott:

John may enter into negotiations with a property owner in order to remediate the drainage issue on Commanche Circle.

It was unanimously approved.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:45 AM was made by Jerry, seconded by Kathleen, and approved unanimously.

The next BOD meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2023.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes