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Any and all motor vehicles utilizing the roads or stored on any lot in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates must comply with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with regard to insurance, licensor, safety check, licensor of drivers as previously required under existing rules and regulations and may be operated only in conformity with speed limits, noise control, compliance with posted stop signs, no parking signs and other restrictions. Recreational vehicles may be used on the roads of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates only in conformity with listed restrictions. These rules repeal and replace the “Rules and Regulations for Operating a Recreational Vehicle” as adopted August 30, 1981. As amended October 21, 1986, the present “Citation Dispute Committee and Procedures” shall govern the enforcement of all regulations, including those relating to vehicles. These procedures and guidelines may be further amended.

Recreational vehicles, except for golf carts must be State registered before WLE will issue a permit and flag. The new State of Pennsylvania UTV Regulations, which has been in effect as of October 23, 2001, states that all & UTV operators must carry a State Issued Registration Certificate, display a State Issued Registration Plate, and an expiration sticker. Liability insurance is also required, and proof of insurance must be carried with you when the UTV is in use; all Recreational Vehicles still must be registered yearly at the office and display WLE identification. (12/15/01) All snowmobiles must be PA State Registered and Insured.

“Section 4. All off-road and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited from use and operation within the entire community of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates (“WLE”), including its roads and common areas, except as may otherwise be allowed by vote of the membership.” (6/11/05)

The use and operation of off-road or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited entirely from the community of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates (“WLE”), including the residential lots, roads and common areas thereof. This ban is effective as of June 11, 2012. This shall not preclude the Board, in the interest of the Association, from (i) restricting certain roads and other community areas from the use and operation of such vehicles, or (ii) restricting such unsafe or nuisance vehicles and their operators from use and operation within the community, and (iii) otherwise regulating such vehicles and their ownership, use and operation within the community. All such vehicles, and their owners and operators, must be at all times compliant with state law and regulation concerning all such vehicles and their ownership, equipment, use and operation, as well as the Association rules/regulations.

The Board of Directors shall otherwise retain its authority to restrict and regulate the use of the WLE roads and common areas of WLE and other vehicles from their use and operation within WLE, including the roads and common areas thereof, and to establish rules, procedures, fees, and requirements for the implementation, effectuation, compliance and enforcement of such authority and this regulation/policy.

As referred herein and by the bylaws, an ‘off-road vehicle’ or ‘all-terrain vehicle’ (‘ATV’) shall mean to include all motorized off-road vehicles (however modified), having two or more tires, tracks, or wheels, with handle bar, lever, or pedal steering mechanism. Where the driver and the passenger sit one behind the other, and the motorized recreational vehicles are not permitted to be registered or having no registration in any State for use on public highways thereof, such as trail or dirt bikes and motorized cycles, or scooters. (6/11/05)

Copies of the rules and regulations for operating a recreational vehicle (12/15/01) on Wallenpaupack Lake Estates’ property will be available in the P.O.A. office and should be read by owners and operators of vehicles.

*Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law


The below listed classifications of vehicles are permitted on the roads of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates. Only the vehicles that conform to these descriptions are permitted.

  1. Utility Vehicle – -Standards for utility vehicles (Drivers 18 & older must have a valid state driver’s license)
  1. Steering wheel controlled only. No lever steering, pedal steering or handle bars
  2. Side by side seating only
  3. 2 passengers only
  4. 4 wheels only, no tracks
  5. No 3 wheeled vehicles
  6. Attached accessories are ok, such a snow plow, with approval from WLE Safety Patrol
  7. Lights for nighttime driving
  8. Rear View Mirror


“Utility terrain vehicle” means a motor driven device, other than a golf cart or low−speed vehicle, that is designed to be used primarily off of a highway and that has, and was originally manufactured with, all of the following:

    • A gross weight of more than 900 pounds but not more than 1,999 pounds.
    • Four or more low−pressure tires.
    • A cargo box or dump box.
    • A steering wheel.
    • A tail light.
    • A brake light.
    • Two headlights.
    • A width
    • of not more than 65 inches.
    • Seats for at least 2 occupants, all of which seating is designed not to be straddled.
    • A system of seat belts, or a similar system, for restraining each occupant of the device in the event of an accident.
    • A system of structural members designed to reduce the likelihood that an occupant would be crushed as the result of a rollover of the device.
    • A signed disclaimer is required
    • Rear View Mirror
  1. Snowmobile – An engine driven vehicle of a type that utilizes sled-type runners, or skis, or an endless belt tread or any combination of these or other similar means of contact with the surface upon which it is operated. The term does not include any farm tractor, highway or other construction equipment, or any military or law enforcement vehicle.*

*Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law.

  1. Moped – The class of vehicles known as “mopeds” is also approved for operation on roads in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates under the rules for recreational (12/15/01) vehicles.
  2. Scooters – The class of vehicle known as “Scooter” is also approved for operation on roads in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates under the rules for recreational (12/15/01) vehicles. The scooter must have wheels of no less than a 10-inch diameter. The scooter must have a seat. (10/18/03)
  1. Golf Carts – Three or four-wheeled vehicle designed and marketed primarily for transporting two or more persons. Golf carts have 2 different standards:

-The standard golf cart (for children under 18 with either a WLE certificate or a valid State Drivers License and adults):

  1. Engine- original factory, no modifications
  2. Original wheels and springs
  3. Standard tires- (8/18/18) 18.50 x 10 – 10 – no lift kit

3a.) Yamaha and EZ-GO are making a non-lifted golf cart that can fit a 20.5” tire. We have approved a Yamaha Dr2 Quietech, previous model is Yamaha G29, as a standard cart and we are using this cart as the standards for allowing a cart with larger than 18.5 tires. To have a golf cart approved as a standard golf cart with larger than 18.5” tires, it can have shock absorbers, but cannot exceed 9.5” from the center of the bottom of frame to the ground (between front and rear wheels). (3/11/2023)

  1. As built chassis- no modifications
  2. Mufflers & exhaust- stock only
  3. Maximum 4 passengers- 2 in front and 2 in the back, if the cart is so equipped when driven by 12-18 year olds
  4. Working governor set at 12 miles per hour
  5. Lights for nighttime driving
  6. Children under 18 must have a photo license marked “stock golf cart only”
  7. A suitable small cargo box instead of a rear seat is permitted
  8. No 3 wheeled vehicles
  9. A signed disclaimer is required
  10. Rear View Mirror

-Modified golf carts (for adults only- 18 & up):

  1. Engine- Original factory
  2. After market wheels ok- Hi rise lift kits ok
  3. Oversized tires ok
  4. Chassis modification ok
  5. Mufflers & exhaust- stock only
  6. Passengers- one person for each seat in the vehicle
  7. Working governor suggested
  8. Lights for nighttime driving
  9. Adults 18 & up must have a valid state divers license for automobiles
  10. A suitable small cargo box on the back is permitted
  11. No 3 wheeled vehicles
  12. A signed disclaimer is required
  13. Rear View Mirror



  1. All recreational (12/15/01) vehicles are required to have headlamps and tail lamps in operation one-half

, and any other time when insufficient light or adverse weather conditions makes it prudent to do so.

    1. The headlamp shall display white light of sufficient illuminating power to reveal any person, vehicle or substantial object at a distance of 100 feet ahead.*
    2. If the vehicle has a multiple beam headlamp, the upper beam must meet the requirement set forth above, and the lowermost beam shall be so aimed and of sufficient intensity to reveal persons and vehicles at a distance of at least 50 feet ahead.*
    3. If the vehicle has a single beam headlamp, the lamp shall be so aimed that when the vehicle is loaded, none of the high intensity portion of the light, at a distance of 75 feet ahead, projects higher than the level of the center of the lamp from which it comes.*

(d) The tail lamp shall display a red light plainly visible during darkness from a distance of 500 feet.*

  1. Brakes on snowmobiles must be capable of bringing the vehicle to a full stop within 40 feet when traveling 20 miles per hour with a 150 pound driver on hard packed snow.*
  1. No vehicle may be operated without a hand or foot braking system capable of deceleration of 14 feet per second on level ground at a speed of 20 miles per hour. The design must permit simple adjustment for wear.*
  2. Mufflers and noise control are required. A fully operational muffler, not capable of easy removal or disengagement is required on all recreational (12/15/01) vehicles.

The sound emitted may not exceed 82 decibels for a snowmobile and 99 decibels for an UTV when measured on the sound meter as utilized by the WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES Safety patrol.

  1. It is unlawful to modify a muffler or to operate a recreational (12/15/01) vehicle with a modified muffler so as to increase the sound level above the level allowed by this section.* Modification of a muffler will immediately cancel the registration for that vehicle.
  2. The tampering or removal of governors on Golf Carts to allow a vehicle to exceed the maximum allowable speed as set by the manufacturer is not allowed. (9/21/02)
  3. New style Golf Carts with large tires must have their governors at no more than 16 MPH. (9/21/02)
  4. Rear-view Uor side view mirrors are mandatory on Golf Carts and on UTVs. (9/21/02)
  5. No snowmobile, or scooter may be operated unless the rider is wearing a securely fastened helmet on the head. This applies to the passengers in a two or more positioned snowmobile as well as to operators of all the before listed vehicles, excluding golf carts & UTV’s.*


  1. All recreational (12/15/01) vehicles used on the roads of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates must be registered at the Administration Office of Wallenpaupack Lake Estates, on a form approved by the Board of Directors. Registration may not be accomplished before the compliance with all requirements of the application form, street inspection of the vehicle by a patrol officer (12/15/01), and the completion of a liability waiver by the lot owner. Registrations shall be designated on a yearly basis.

To assure your registration, the W.L.E.P.O.A. requires the following items and rule compliance:

    1. Payment PER RV to be checked
    2. Your properly completed RV Safety Check Form(s)
    3. A copy of your updated insurance
    4. Payment of all P.O.A. assessments to date
    5. Payment of all outstanding citations, and penalties
    6. Registration of all RVs previously registered in WLE are to be completed by June 1

If you fail to complete any one of the above mentioned requirements, you will not be permitted to register your RV. Please note: If you cannot inspect your RVs during our designated time, there will be an additional charge to have them inspected “off hours”. (12/11/04)

Snowmobiles must be registered under snow conditions.

  1. A Certificate of registration will be issued, upon full compliance to the property owner who must be a member in good standing of the Property Owners Association. No registration by non-members will be accepted. The property owner member must be the owner of the vehicle.
  2. An appropriate identification insignia will be designed for display on the vehicle and a safety flag at full height will also be issued. Both the insignia and the flag, at full height above the roadway, must be affixed. Replacement of flag will require a new registration and fee. Flags must extend over the roof of the golf carts/UTVs and/or be at least 6 feet in height. (9/18/21)

The identification insignia will be placed on the vehicle as follows:

-Standards for utility vehicles (Drivers 18 & older must have a valid state drivers license)

  1. Steering wheel controlled only. No lever steering, pedal steering or handle bars
  2. Side by side seating only
  3. 2 passengers only
  4. 4 wheels only, no tracks
  5. No 3 wheeled vehicles
  6. Attached accessories are ok, such a snow plow, with approval from WLE Safety Patrol
  7. Lights for nighttime driving
  8. Rear View Mirror 


    1. UTV – a year sticker on the WLE issued License plate on the front of vehicle
    2. Golf Cart – a year sticker on the WLE issued license plate on the front of vehicle.
    3. Snowmobile – on both sides of the cowling.*
  1. Proof of insurance must be filed with the application. You must have a Pennsylvania Financial Responsibility Identification Card (Form R1413b) for the vehicle being registered. A new card must be presented upon expiration of the current card, or the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates registration will be revoked.
  2. Files of all registrations are to be maintained in the Administration Office.
  3. The certificate of registration issued to the owner of a recreational vehicle shall expire and the insignia shall become invalid when ownership of the recreational vehicle is transferred.


  1. Operator Restrictions
    1. No person under the age of 12, or any person without either a valid state driver’s license or, in the case of unlicensed operators over the age of twelve, without a valid, current safety certificate picture ID card, (12/15/01) may operate a recreational vehicle on Wallenpaupack Lake Estates’ property. Proof of age must be established at the time of registration by presenting a copy of Birth Certificate.
    2. No owner of a recreational (12/15/01) vehicle shall authorize or permit the operation thereof by any person under twelve years of age, or without either a valid, current state license or a valid, safety certificate picture ID card. (12/15/01)
    3. All operators of recreational vehicles must be in possession of either a valid state license, or a valid,

safety certificate picture ID card at all times while operating said vehicles. (12/15/01) Drivers may be stopped and asked to produce said license/permit at any time by officers of the WLEPOA Public Safety Department, which is agreed to and signed by the registrant when said vehicle is registered with WLEPOA. 

  1. Pedestrians and bicyclists have the right of way over all motor driven vehicles.
  2. No towing permitted. Recreational vehicles shall not tow persons in any manner. (Sleds, inner tubes, skaters, etc.) (12/15/01)
  3. No game or wildlife may be pursued with a recreational (12/15/01) vehicle.*
  4. Vehicle Curfew: Golf Cart and UTVs operated by those 18 years of age and younger remains in between the hours of 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Existing 15-minute grace period after WLE functions. (and ALL golf carts and UTVs have a curfew at 12:00 midnight) (12/19/2015) Golf Carts operated by those 17 years of age and younger remains in between the hours of 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Existing 15-minute grace period after WLE functions. ALL Golf Carts and UTVs No longer have a curfew for those 18 years and older with a valid driver’s license (07/17/21)

There will be a fifteen (15) minute grace period after any Wallenpaupack Lake Estates function. The operator must then follow a direct route from the Wallenpaupack Lake Estates function home.

  1. It is recommended for safety equipment, including but not limited to rollover protection devices and seatbelts for golf carts.

(i ) Recreational (12/15/01) vehicles without a satisfactory lighting system as defined under state law must be off WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES roads by one-half hour before sunset and any other time when conditions require lights.

  1. The operator of any recreational (12/15/01) vehicle shall yield the right of way to emergency vehicles and Safety Patrol Department vehicles.
  2. Officers of the WLEPOA Public Safety Department shall be authorized to make random stops and safety checks of Golf Carts & UTV’s on WLEPOA property.
  1. Designation of Roads

No recreational (12/15/01) vehicle will be permitted in the following areas:

    1. The area between the Adult Lodge and Rockledge swimming pool. (Parking for recreational (12/15/01) vehicles is provided at posted areas only.)
    2. The Campgrounds and areas designated as parks, green areas, special easements, and the baseball field or similar locations. (Exception: Property Owners staying at the Campgrounds may operate to and from the Campgrounds.)(12/15/01)
    3. Any private property and/or WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES lots without the knowledge and permission of the owner.
    4. Use of recreational unlicensed vehicles on state roads, or any road or street under the jurisdiction of local authorities, is prohibited by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and must be observed.* You may cross a street or highway upon compliance with the following requirements:

  – Make the crossing at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the direction of the highway.*

  • Bring your vehicle to a complete stop before crossing.*
  • Yield the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic.*
  • If you are under 16 years of age, you must have a valid and current safety certificate.
  1. Safe Operation
    1. Observe the WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES speed limit at all times. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour, with the area at the Main Clubhouse and beach area at Deer Lake being restricted to 10 miles per hour, or any other area which may be posted.
    2. Stop signs and other traffic signs and other regulatory signs must be observed.
    3. Do not operate your recreational (12/15/01) vehicle in a careless way so as to endanger the person or property of another.*
    4. Operation of any vehicle in such a manner as to constitute harassment or a nuisance is prohibited, and shall be viewed as disorderly conduct.
    5. Stay as far as possible to the right side of the roads.
    6. Recreational (12/15/01) vehicles may not ride two abreast.*
    1. No person may operate any recreational (12/15/01) vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.*
    2. Turning to the right or left at an intersection, or stopping, or decreasing speed, must be accompanied with hand signals. The driver shall extend his hand and arm from the left side of the vehicle in the following manner:
      • For left turn, left hand and arm extended horizontally.
      • For right turn, left hand and arm extended outward and pointed upward from the elbow.*
      • For stopping or decreasing speed, left hand and arm extended downward.
  1. When you approach, from any direction, a school bus which has flashing red signal light that is loading or unloading children, you must bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Remain stopped until all children are clear of the roadway and the red signal lights are not flashing.*
  2. No owner or other person having charge or control of an recreational (12/15/01) vehicle shall knowingly authorized or permit the operation of the vehicle by any person who is incapable of doing so by reason of age, or physical or mental disability, or who is under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.*
  3. Light Bars of any kind mounted on top of Golf Carts and UTV’s need to be turned off when traveling on WLE roads. (5/15/21)

All UTV’s & Golf Carts must pull over except on a blind hill or curve and come to a complete stop to allow a Motor Vehicle to pass them in a safe manner.

*Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law


The operator of an UTV/Golf Cart involved in an accident must stop and give his name and address, the name and address of the owner of the UTV/Golf Cart and its registration number, to the other person(s) involved in the accident or to Public Safety Personnel. (12/15/01)*

The operator of any UTV/Golf Cart involved in an accident which results in the injury or death of any person, or property damages to the extent of $1OO or more, must report the matter in writing within seven (7) days to the Department of Environmental Resources.* Accidents involving all other recreational (12/15/01) vehicles shall be reported in the same manner.

Operators of recreational (12/15/01) vehicles involved in an accident which results in the injury or death of any person or property damage, shall immediately have their operating privileges suspended, and the operator shall not drive any recreational (12/15/01) vehicle on WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES roads until an investigation of the accident has been completed. The suspension may or may not be continued beyond this point, and other penalties may or may not be assessed, depending upon the outcome of the investigation.

Minimum liability coverage for Golf Carts and UTV’s who utilize WLEPOA property will be

$100,000.00/$300,000.00 and WLEPOA must be listed as a Certificate Holder or interested 3rd party on the liability insurance.


  1. Negligence in the use or operation of a snowmobile or UTV/Golf Cart is attributable to the owner. Every owner of a snowmobile or an UTV/Golf Cart used or operated in this Commonwealth shall be liable and responsible for death or injury to person or damage to property resulting from negligence in the use or operation of such snowmobile or UTV/Golf Cart by any person using or operating the snowmobile or UTV/Golf Cart with the permission, expressed or implied, of such owner.* The Association requires application of this section to all recreational (12/15/01) vehicles.

*Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Law

  1. The negligence of the operator shall not be attributed to the owner as to any claim or cause of action accruing to the operator or his legal representative for such injuries or death.*


  1. Enforcement shall be made by WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES Public Safety (12/15/01)


  1. When guilty of multiple or repeated violations, and/or willful disregard of a patrol officer’s (12/15/01) orders, the vehicle shall be banned from WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES roads and registration thereof suspended for a period of up to six (6) months, and the operator shall not drive any recreational (12/15/01) vehicle on WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES roads for a like period.
  1. Where a W.L.E.P.O.A. Rule or Regulation or Covenant may be more restrictive than the language

of the Pennsylvania law, the Association Rule or Regulation or Covenant shall be observed instead of, or in addition to, the Pennsylvania law.



  1. If a “serious” violation is issued to an underage driver, their WLE driver license is to be suspended until driver attends driver school again. “Serious” does NOT include routine traffic violations but things such as “serious” malicious mischief, disorderly conduct etc. (8/13/05)
  1. If fireworks are thrown from any RV, driving privileges for the driver of the RV will be suspended for one

          year. (7/16/06)