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Water Service Line Protection

Wallenpaupack Lake Estates water system providing a water service line protection.  This coverage will cover water leaks that accrue on the Property Owner’s water service line.  The Property Owner’s in W.L.E. are responsible from their home to the actual connection on the water main in the road, including your curb valve shut off.  The coverage covers leaks such as split lines, cracked or deteriorated fittings, and broken tap connections.  It only covers your line underground outside.  It does not cover the water meter or any lines in your home.  W.L.E does not cover damage to the water service line or other property caused by the actions of the customer, third parties, natural disasters, acts of God (such as tornados and hurricanes to name a few) abuse, vandalism or other abnormal causes.  W.L.E. does not cover updating and/or moving non-leaking water service pipes to satisfy directives of the water company.  W.L.E does not cover water lines that exceed one (1) inch in diameter (average residential diameter is ¾ inch).  All water service lines in W.L.E. are ¾ inches.  Leak repairs can cost as much as $2,000.

The P.O. will only have to deal with Wallenpaupack Lake Estates and the recommended contractor list will be available at the office.  The Water and Sewer Department will help arrange your repair and will oversee the job to ensure it is fixed to W.L.E. specifications.

The cost of this protection is $42 per year and the deadline is October 31st of each year.

Below are the terms and conditions in full.

What are the benefits?

” Affordable coverage.

” Simple and convenient billing.

” Eliminates the inconvenience of finding a reliable plumber and scheduling a repair job.

” You must use one of WLE’s recommended contractors.

” All repairs meet state and local codes.

” Offers coverage not provided by your homeowner’s policy.

” The ability to avoid potential repair bills of $2,000. Or more.

It’s easy to sign up for this affordable water service line protection program.  Contact W.L.E. main office 570-689-4721 to get the protection you need!     

Please be advised that the deadline is October 31st of each year.

Water Quality:  Throughout the treatment process we test water quality.  We analyze water quality at our wells, during the treatment process and at strategic points in our distribution system.  Each year, our state-certified laboratory conducts hundreds of water quality tests.  Some tests search for bacteria while others measure the level of contaminates in the water. Our water continues to meet all state and federal standards for drinking water quality.

Home Delivery:  Once water has been treated, we deliver it to your home.  Our network of water mains, pipes, pumping stations and water tanks is designed to meet your needs on even the hottest summer day. Most of our community water delivery system is buried, “out of sight, out of mind”.

Who’s Responsible for What?  Until a problem arises, most of us do not even wonder how water reaches our tap.  You may not know how water service equipment on your property works, or even who owns it and who is responsible for maintaining it.  To clarify who owns what pipes, valves, and equipment that bring you your supply of water, here is a description of what does what and who is responsible:


Remote Receptacle: A wireless water meter allows us to obtain meter readings without entering the premises.  We own this receptacle.

Water mains:  Our more than 18 miles of water mains carry water to your tap.  The water mains carry water beneath the roads which they are buried.  We own and maintain our mains.


Service connection: This is the section of pipe from the main to your home, and including, the curb valve.  All of this is owned by the customer.

Curb valve: This is the valve located underground that controls the flow of water to your building.  This valve is usually located near the edge of a paved road at curbside and is protected by your curb box.  This valve is owned by the customer.

Curb box:  This item is an adjustable pipe with a cover which provides access to the curb valve.  It is usually at the edge of a paved road, at curbside.  The curb box should not be buried under the ground and should always be visible and operable.  A flooding or other emergency inside your home may require shutting off service by the curb valve.  If the curb box is buried or otherwise inaccessible and you have a leak, the time necessary to locate and dig out the box may result in increased flooding damage.  Since the curb box is the owner’s property, we can’t assume

responsibility for any damage.  You own and must maintain it.

Service pipe:  The pipe that runs between the curb box and the place of use. You own and must

maintain this pipe.

Curb box cover:  The cover to protect the valve and keep the box free of dirt and other debris. You own and must maintain it.

Cellar Valve: Located inside the building, this valve turns the water coming into the premises on and off, to permit repairs or plumbing installations.  You own this valve

Water meter: This records the amount of water used and is usually inside the building. The water meter was installed by the POA, but once installed, becomes the property of the homeowner.  You are responsible for damages caused by freezing, hot water, vandalism, or other external causes.

Pressure-reducing valve:  A valve which controls and regulates the pressure of water entering the building, usually near the water meter.  You own this valve.

Any question please contact the Sewer & Water Department.



Brian Schan


1.The program covers the water service line from the curb box to the entrance of the foundation of the house. The program does not cover damages that occur prior to the start of service or the repair or replacement of water meters.

2. Coverage under the program starts (30) days after enrollment and continues thereafter for the term of the agreement so long as the customer makes timely payments.  Coverage will be suspended in cases of nonpayment.

3.The program covers materials and labor associated with the repair or replacement of the water service line due to leakage by ordinary wear and tear.  WLE’s coverage is limited to $2,000 on water service lines that exceed 150 feet in length per year.

4. Only contractors recommended by WLE can be used. A list is available at the office, the WLE website under contractor list, or by calling the Sewer & Water Dept. (570-689-7007). If a contractor is used other than one that we recommended, WLE will not pay more than the average cost for similar work performed by WLE’s recommended contractor.

WLE Recommends the following: Sam Wilmot – (570) 698-6989 and Ed Smith – (570) 689-2046                                  

5. WLE does not cover damage to the water service line or other property caused by the actions of the customer, third parties, natural disasters, acts of God, abuse vandalism or other abnormal causes.  WLE does not cover updating and/or moving non-leaking water service pipes to satisfy directives of the water company.  WLE does not cover water lines that exceed one (1) inch in diameter (average residential diameter is ¾ inch)

6. Site restoration is limited to the affected area.  Restoration is limited to backfill, raking and reseeding.  It does not include the restoration of trees, shrubs, or paved surfaces or structures.

7. WLE has the right to modify this Program, from time to time, on thirty (30) days written notice.  WLE reserves the right to terminate the Program on ninety (90) days written notice.

8. The customer may terminate enrollment at any time.  WLE will not refund any payments.

9. WLE will provide qualified plumbers or contractors to provide expedient and professional service. If you experience a problem with your service line, call 570-689-4721 during office hours or call 570-493-3198 after office hours.

10. WLE’s liability is limited to repair and replacement of the customer water service line.  There shall be no other liability for any environmental, property, special, incidental, consequential or other damages.  All warranties are disclaimed, including the implied warranties of merchantability.

11. By enrolling, the customer certifies that to the best of his/her knowledge, this water line is free from any pre-existing leaks or damage.


What is covered?

Water main to foundation, including hot tap at main and leaking curb valves. Broken or non-working curb valves are not considered leaking and are not covered.  Pipes in the home are not covered; meter movement will not be done.

What are the exceptions of the program?

Service lines exceeding 150 feet our coverage is limited to $2,000.  Under 150 feet we cover all costs.  Service lines exceeding 1 inch in diameter will not be covered.

Can the price be raised at any time?

No, in most cases your water system has locked in the $42 for the year.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, but no payments will be refunded.

When does my coverage start?

Coverage starts 30 days after sign-up unless water line was covered the year before. The 30-day period eliminates existing problems.

What will you restore after the project is complete?

WLE will back fill, rake and reseed.  We do not replace any concrete/paved surfaces or structures.  In most instances we can avoid disruption to paved surfaces, but in the event this cannot be done WLE will not be responsible.

Will you repair the leak or replace the entire line?

In most cases we perform a line repair. When a replacement is deemed appropriate by WLE water system personnel. It will be replaced.

Who do I contact if I suspect a problem?

You would first contact W.L.E.  WLE personnel must verify whether the problem is on their side of the system or on the customer’s side of the service line.

Can I choose my own plumber if I have a problem?

No, WLE has a network of plumbers it contracts with to perform the repair work