By Brian Schan

Spring Report 2022

Sewer Plant and System: 

The sewer treatment plant is running well. Sewer Pump Station #3, new control upgrades are still taking place by Northend Electric and is close to being completed. With a lot of rain in March, we have been doing a lot of infiltration research, marking and finding areas needing repairs. We had two sewer main blockages. We were able to get one blockage open and the second was opened by Koberlein. The ultraviolet system at the sewer treatment plant has finally been upgraded to a new system. The old system was installed in 1993, which became obsolete, and parts were not being made anymore.  Sewer Pump #2 at Pump Station #6 went down. It developed a short inside the pump. This pump is only three years old. Northend has the pump at their shop and is trying to determine the extent of the problem and what caused it.

Water System:

Well flows are starting to increase. Some of it is due to property owners returning from winter destinations and some are leaks. We continue to leak detect. We will be scheduling water main flushing for the middle of May. Two contractors showed interest in the Fawn Hill well project, but I have not received any quotes from either one. There were several power outages these past few months throughout the community. There were some late nights running generators to keep water flowing and sewer pump stations and the sewer plant going.  I am presently looking into contractors to address the work needed to be done at both the Ski Bluff and Indian Drive water towers. The previous inspection report indicated things that need to be addressed at both towers.

I want to thank my staff, Artie, Marge, Jimmy and Colin, for their hard work and dedication.