Present on the dais today are: Jerry Beskovoyne, President, Ed Jordan Jr., Vice-President, Greg Pollock, Treasurer, Jack Gilleeny, Secretary, Al Cucciniello, Member, Mike McGregor, Member, Bob Assenheimer, Member, Scott Miller, Riley & Company, Howard Terreri, Esq., Jones & Terreri and John Carney, General Manager.

Jerry Beskovoyne, Board President opened the meeting at 10:07 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry then introduced the Board Members, General Manager and Scott Miller from Riley Associates our accounting firm and Attorney Terreri, legal counsel.

Jerry thanked the Election Committee for their work and Donna and Lorraine from the office for their assistance.

Jerry proceeded to announce that 2021 is the 50th anniversary of WLE and a little later we will have some cake and beverages to honor the 50th. 

Jerry turned the meeting over to Paula Whitney to introduce this year’s John Rechinda Scholarship recipients. Paula gave a short history of how the John Rechinda Scholarship came about and introduced John’s son to the audience. Jerry thanked Paula for chairing the scholarship committee. Before introducing the 4 winners Paula emphasized that each candidate is not just judged on grades, but for overall performance including volunteer work.

The four winners are: Francesca Licciardello, Julia Funke, Caleb Roth, and Isabella Theesfeld.

The next item of business is to approve the 2020 minutes. Jerry asked for any corrections to the minutes, Property owner at 2-238 said that he did not make the comment in the last sentence under his section and lot number. Jerry said that will be fixed, with no other corrections will someone make a motion to approve the minutes.  Paula Whitney made the motion to approve the minutes with correction, seconded by Peggy Kostyshyn, passed unanimously. 

Next on the agenda are Committee Reports:

Public Safety – Dominick Manetti, Chief of Public Safety, reported that since January things have been pretty quiet. Through the year 160 citations have been issued and like last summer the Public Safety Department is expecting a busy summer with much traffic on the roads including golf carts.

4-240 – is questioning the use of light bars on the top of UTV’s, the property owner said they are blinding when a UTV is approaching. Jerry said the Board will review it and set a policy.

2-238 – has concerns with all the kids on golf carts and the way they drive on the roads.

Building Fran Raimo, Building Compliance Officer,  reported there are 42 open permits, 10 being new home construction, house number 1399 has been issued. Trees are a real concern with many of the Ash Trees dying due to the Emerald Ash Borer bug that is killing Ash Trees. Fran asked all property owners to please keep their culvert and ditches clean so that the water has a clear path.


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Administration – Kathy Sollenne, Office Manager, reported that masks will be required in the office to the end of June. Debbie Devine has retired and new employee has been hired in Debbie’s place.

The number of badges and RV flags given out have really increased over the year.

The office is accepting credit cards and the credit card company will be a charging 4% fee when used.

7-164 – For a new car do you need to see the registration? The answer is yes. 

Maintenance – Brian Stine, Maintenance Supervisor, relayed that the winter snow removal went very well, and the department was challenged with the big storm in February. Dock building and dock installation went well, and Dock D was replaced with a new dock. G & H stairs were also replaced.

Sewer & Water – Brian Schan, Director of Water & Sewer, By the use of water flows Brian reported that it has been obvious that there are more people around then in past years. Brian is contributing the increase of property owners due to relocating in WLE during Covid. 

Brian is working on the chlorine reduction at Fawnhill Well.

Treasurers Report & Finance – Scott Miller from Riley and Company, reviewed the financial statements that they provide WLEPOA after their review of WLE’s statements and accounting procedures. Scott expanded on the importance of having a reserve fund and how well WLE is doing funding the reserve fund.

Legal – Howard Terreri, Esq. from Jones & Terreri, recognized WLE’s 50th Anniversary and his firm has represented WLE for at least the last 30 years and knows much of the legal history of WLE. Howard reviewed the past years activity which for the most part are typical and routine matters, such as delinquencies, opinions on certain operational matters, assisting with management with any member that may not be following the WLE’s documents. 

General Manager – John Carney, his report coincided with the 50th anniversary of WLE. John gave a history of WLE starting in 1971 when the lands of WLE were being developed by Inter-American Catholic Charities and Poco-Del Development Company. The history highlighted when certain amenity areas were constructed and the infrastructure for sewer and water were installed. 

1975 was when a group of property owners saw that the developer was having financial difficulties and in 1976 the developer abandoned the completion of the Association. WLE did not take ownership of the amenity and common areas until 1985. Until 1985 WLE maintained the amenity and common areas and starting in 1985 WLE was able to go ahead to complete amenities, common areas and the sewer & water.


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Unfinished Business – Rockledge Pool, there are still a few minor items which the contractor has not completed.

Jerry handed the meeting over to Nan Yack, Elections Chairperson to present the election results:

Board of Directors:

Edward Jordan Jr. – 300

Michael McGregor – 219

Kathleen Maynes – 177

Gino Dall’Aste – 174

Rebecca Assenheimer – 160

Jamie Toth – 89

Ben Robitzer – 41





Resolution I – Capital Reserve Allocation

For – 274

Against – 16

For – 11

Against – 1

For – 282

Against – 17

Resolution II – Bylaw amendment 

(Art. 5, Sec. 7) limitation of directors

For – 207

Against – 80

For – 9

Against – 5

For – 216

Against – 85

        Total Mailings Received: 433

Jerry opened the floor for questions:

3-161 – Question: inquiring if a new homeowners meeting could be possible. Answer: Some property owners relayed that there is a committee that welcomes new owners with a new homeowner’s packet.

4-104 – Question: can 2 pickleball courts be put at section 4 tennis courts? Answer: Right now, we are focusing on pickleball courts at Beaver courts and there are not any immediate plans for courts at Section 4.

Question: Will anything ever be built at the end of Deerfield Court on the property that the WLE owns? Answer: there are no plans to build anything in that area and if it anything would plan to be built it would be publicized. 

1-419 – Relayed that there are many stray cats around the community and people are feeding cats and other wild animals. 

Al Cucciniello thanked the Tri Chairs of the Recreation Committee and Rec is looking for volunteers for July and August activities. The 4th of July picnic will have activities and Rockledge and Kasper Lodge. We will be looking to incorporate WLE’s 50th Anniversary with summer events. 

There will be a summer rec program and swim team for the kids this summer.

Volunteers are needed for the 4h of July Picnic.

A property owner wanted to mention how nice the activity boards are at each entrance. 

With no further business Jerry asked for a motion to close the meeting. Dale Pepper made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Diane Mula. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM. The next Annual POA meeting is scheduled for Saturday June 11, 2022, beginning at 10:00 AM

The Annual Meeting Minutes are the highlights of 2021 Property Owners Association Annual Meeting, the meeting was videoed and can be seen by going to the WLE website.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Carney

Assistant Secretary


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