• Hot topic Indoor Pool:

    3-9-2023 (Seresco Dehumidifier Unit) shipped from Canada Installation up to two weeks (as per Metz Co) after delivery

    Cord will finish painting the coping around indoor pool and brackets on wooden support beams. 3-8-2023 Maintenance dept moved hot water storage tank to the other side of the pump room for relocation of the sand filter and pump for pool.

    Housekeeping will begin to clean certain area’s the week of 3-13-2023. Greg Finished 2 new lifeguard stands for indoor pool.

    Task that have been done:

    Tending to nuisance storms

    Changing blades on plows and maintaining spreaders Ordering salt and cinder (mixing).

    Getting vehicles ready for inspections. Breaks, changing filters, fluids, tires. Departments maintenance take care of (Office, Security, Building and compliance and Maintenance). Bulk Pick ups

    Removed closet in Kathy’s office (Spackle, tape, sanded, and installed partial section of drop ceiling.

    Sold 9 Mains and 15 fingers from the old F dock.

    Task we are working on:

    Beaver Lodge Kitchen starting week of 3-13-2023 Finishing remaining fingers for F dock.

    Adult Lodge Roof Scheduled for 3-24-2023

    Maintenance Supervisor, Brian Stine