1. 1)  Beaver Lodge is to be used for family events conducted by Property Owners in good standing only. The property owner booking the function must be present at all times during the booked function and will be the responsible individual of said function. Beaver Lodge is open to all Property Owners in good standing and may have use of the building during your function.

  2. 2)  A refundable deposit of $100.00 is required for all bookings. Refundable once inspection is complete and approved.

  3. 3)  Only one (1) party can be held in one (1) day.

  4. 4)  Bookings will be on a first come first serve basis. No reservations will be accepted more than 90 days from the Recreation Meeting date.

  5. 5)  Recreation has precedence in all bookings. Bookings by individual property owner(s) is on a first come first serve basis. This is not considered a private party, and this building is open to all Property Owners, anyone can enter the premises at any time while your function is underway.

  6. 6)  Booking will be reserved through The Office Staff.

  7. 7)  Vehicle pass count must be called in a minimum of 2 days prior. All passes will be left in the foyer. If you do not pick them up yo are at risk of recieved a no wle id fine and the passes will be charged back to your WLEPOA account.

  8. 8)  There shall not be any Home Demonstration Parties such as Home & Garden, Tupperware, Pampered Chef ect. Beaver Lodge cannot be used by a business or person that will profit by the function. Functions giving gifts are excluded such as Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Communions, Christenings, Bar mitzvah, Bas mitzvah, Baby or Bridal Shower, Engagement, Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties. At the Boards discretion any party can be approved or denied.

  9. 9)  Times for party or building usage – not before noon and not after 9:00 PM From Memorial Day to Labor Day. Not before noon and not after 11:00 PM Labor Day to Memorial Day.

  10. 10)  Parking: When the pool is open parking will be at Beaver Beach parking lot. Guests can be shuttled to Beaver Lodge by the Property Owner. When the pool is closed, guests may park at Beaver Lodge parking lot.

  11. 11)  The property owner who is booking Beaver Lodge for their function will provide vehicle passes. Limit to size of party is 75 people. You must notify the office of the amount of non WLE vehicles entering the Estates one week prior to party.

  12. 12)  Noise Factor: No live bands. DJ’s will be permitted. The permitted decibel level will control DJ’s noise level. Public Safety will check the decibel levels.

  13. 13)  Pool and deck areas: No usage of these areas is permitted during a party.

  14. 14)  Kitchen Area: The kitchen area may be used, excluding the stove and/or oven. Only approved insured caterers or Property Owners providing insurance naming us as an additional insured for a minimum of $250,000.00 may use the kitchen stoves & ovens. (See attached sheet for details) There is a $50 non-refundable fee for use of stoves & ovens.

  15. 15)  New Years Eve & Major Holidays: Beaver Lodge will be open to any property owner in good standing. Recreation usually sponsors a New Years Eve party at the Main Club House for those who wish to attend.

  16. 16)  Teen Parties: The property owner who books the party must be present at all times during the party until the last person leaves the building. There must be two adult chaperons (one (1) male and one (1) female) at all “TEEN PARTIES”. Absolutely “NO ALCOHOL” will be allowed, nor will alcohol be served, or be available to the chaperones or any other adults in attendance.

  17. 17)  Alcohol: Only those 21 & older are permitted to drink alcohol.

  1. 18)  Responsible Person: The person booking the building through the Office is responsible for clean up immediately after the party and the condition of the building.

  2. 19)  Smoking of any kind in or around the building is prohibited. (Must be 20 feet away from entrance door.)

  3. 20)  Beaver Lodge will be spot checked by Public Safety after the party has ended upon lock up of the building.

  4. 21)  Maintenance will thoroughly check the building the day after the party. Any damage or cleaning due to the party will be deducted from the deposit. The person booking the party will be contacted immediately.

  5. 22)  If rules are broken, the property owner cannot use the building for 12 months. The same applies to a guest that is a property owner as well.

  6. 23)  The property owner must sign a copy of this contract of the Rules and Regulations currently in effect at the time of the event, and a copy retained at the office.

2I 4c)erTtifhyertehawt iIllhbaevenoretaidmaenldimuintsdesresttfaonrdWthLeERsupleosnasonrdedRefugnuclatitoionnss. for Beaver Lodge and that I will abide by these said rules.

_______________________________________________ _____________________ Property Owners Signature Date

Property Owner Print Name: __________________________________Lot & Section ___________
Phone# ___________________________ Date of use: _____________ Amount of people ________ (refer to capacity #6) Type of event __________________________ Theme of event _______________________
Is this event charging for any service: (YES) ____ (NO) ____
Name of person party is for ______________________________ Amount of car passes needed ________
If Birthday – how old is birthday person _____________ Will alcohol be served: (YES) ____ (NO) ____


______________________________________________ Authorized by General Manager Date


______________________________________________ Authorized by Office Manager Date


Kitchen Use

Will you be using a caterer: Yes ________ No ________
If Yes, Name: _______________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________
Will you be using the kitchen on a limited basis without a caterer: Yes _____ No _____

If you wish to use a caterer, you must provide the office with proof of their catering insurance as well as a list of references for final approval from the General Manager or Office Manager.

Office Use Only

Fee paid for kitchen use: Yes ____ No ____ N/A ____ Caterer approved: Yes ____ No ____

______________________________________________ Authorized by General Manager Date


______________________________________________ Authorized by Office Manager Date



For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of adequacy of which is acknowledged, The undersigned,___________________________________________________

(hereinafter referred to as “Property Owner”), of_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Wallenpaupack Lake Estates Property Owners Association (hereinafter referred to as “Association”) of 1005 Wallenpaupack Drive, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, and each of it’s members, agents, servants, employees, officers and directors, from and against any and all claims, demands, liability, loss, damages, actions, judgments, costs and expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees, investigative and discovery costs and court costs which in any manner may arise or be alleged to have arisen, or resulted, or alleged to have resulted, from the presence, use, activities, and promotions of any nature or otherwise of the Property Owner, his or her agents, servants, employee, licensees, or guests on or adjacent to the premises known as

_______________________________________________________ and located at

Wallenpaupack Lake Estates, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania,

Including, but not limited to any claims for bodily injury or death of persons and for loss of or damage to property including, but not limited to, claims or loss by Property Owner, his or her agents, servants, employees, licensees, guests or any other person or entity.

Property Owner further agrees to provide Association written proof of Property Owner’s insurance shall provide a minimum of two hundred fifty thousand ($250,000.00) coverage for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence.

Made and executed this________________day of___________________, 20__________

By_______________________________________ Property Owner