Main Clubhouse
Suggested Rules & Regulations
1. Purpose: The Main Clubhouse is to be used for family events conducted by Property Owners in good standing only. Family functions will be conducted at the discretion of the General Manager and the Board of Directors. The property owner booking the function must be present at all times during the booked function and will be the responsible individual of said function.
2. Insurance:
    a) The property owner renting the Main Clubhouse would be expected to be able to provide a certificate of insurance indicating they have general liability limits of at least $1,000,000.00. They would also need to name Wallenpaupack Lake Estates as additional named insured as respects the specific event and the usage of the Main Clubhouse.
    b) Only an insured caterer may have use of the kitchen area. All caterers must supply Wallenpaupack Lake Estates with a valid and current insurance policy with WLE named on said policy.
    c) No charges can be made for alcohol or it will void the host liquor liability coverage under the homeowner’s policy as well as WLE’s general liability policy.
3. Fees: A fee will be imposed for the usage of the Main Clubhouse to defray the cost of utilities, cleaning, set-up of the tables & chairs and wear & tear.
    The fees are as follows:
        a) Fee for Hall usage……….$300.00
        b) Fee for kitchen usage……TBD
        c) Fee for kitchen and hall combined will be TBD
4. Payment Schedule:
    a) If the party is booked more than thirty (30) days in advance, a $100.00 deposit is to be submitted upon booking. The balance due is to be paid no less than thirty (30) days prior to the party. Non-payment will result in the cancellation of the party.
    b) If the party is to take place in thirty (30) days or less, the full balance will be due at the time of booking.
    c) All cancellations are to be submitted in writing no less than thirty (30) days prior to the party. If a cancellation is made in less than thirty (30) days you will forfeit your deposit.
5. Security Deposit:
    a) A $500.00 refundable deposit will be imposed on the property owner booking the Main Clubhouse.
    b) If damage exceeds the $500.00 deposit, the property owner booking the Main Clubhouse will be billed.
    c) If the property owner booking the Main Clubhouse fails to pay for the property damage exceeding the $500.00 deposit, the property owner will no longer be considered in good standing. In addition, the property owner will not be allowed to use any amenity in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates.
6. Capacity: 140 people can be seated comfortably in the Main Club House using the round tables.
7. Schedule:
    a) Time – Parties must end by 11:00 PM. The property owner may have the Main Clubhouse for the entire day up until the allowed ending time.
    b) There will be no more than one (1) party per day.
    c) Availability of the Main Clubhouse will be at General Manager’s discretion.
    d) The Main Clubhouse will be booked through the General Manager a minimum of thirty (30) days and a maximum of one (1) year in advance.
    e) Bookings will be on a first come first serve basis.
    f) WLE functions have precedence in all bookings and no time limits are imposed on WLE functions.
8. Vehicle Guest Passes: Vehicle Guest passes are to be provided for guests who do not own property in WLE. The property owner booking the Main Clubhouse is responsible for obtaining these vehicle guest passes from the Administration Office at least one (1) week prior to said function.
9. Decorations:
    a) No tacks, staples or any other hanging instruments are permitted. No decorations are allowed to be hung from the ceiling or taped to the walls.
    b) All tables are required to be covered with table covers that shall be provided by the Property Owner renting the clubhouse.
10. Noise Factor:
    a) Live bands are permitted.
    b) DJ’s are permitted.
    c) The noise level will be controlled by the permitted decibel level provided by security.
11. Areas not included for usage: The following is a list of areas that are not included in the booked function by the property owner(s) and their guests. The property owner booking this function will be responsible for overseeing this rule.
        a) The indoor Swimming Pool, saunas, changing areas, showers and bathrooms.
        b) The entire kitchen area with the exception of the sink, microwave and the refrigerator.
                1) Only approved insured caterers may use the kitchen. See attached sheet for detailed information.
12. Smoking: Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited anywhere in the building.
13. Alcohol: Only those 21 & older are permitted to drink alcohol.
14. Building Clean-up: WLE is responsible for cleaning the Main Clubhouse before a function at the discretion of the General Manager. Property Owners are asked to leave the Main Clubhouse in the same condition it was in prior to their party. Please see basic guidelines below:
        a) The Main Clubhouse is to be cleaned up and left broom clean after the function.
        b) All garbage should be bagged and placed by the doors for Maintenance to remove.
        c) All tables are to be wiped down.
        d) Chairs are to be turned onto the tables. Excess chair should be stacked and placed around the outer perimeter of the room.
        e) If the kitchen is used, all counters and sinks should be wiped clean and any utensils, pots, etc. that were used are to be dried and returned to their proper place.
        f) Security will do a spot check after the function has ended upon lock up of the building.
        g) Maintenance will thoroughly check the Main Clubhouse following day after the party.
        h) If there is damage found to the Main Clubhouse, the property owner booking the party will assume the responsibility of said damage and proceedings under Section #4 of Deposits will commence.
15. All WLE rules and regulations are in effect as usual. It is the responsibility of the property owner booking the function to inform his or her guests of these rules.
16. All rules and fees can change at the Board of Directors discretion.
17. The property owner booking a function at the Main Clubhouse will read and sign a copy of these rules and regulations.
18. The property owner booking a function the Main Clubhouse will retain one copy and the Administration Office will retain a signed copy.