Procedure effective 2023:

Small Boat Notice:

MAY NOT  be placed in the boat racks, chained, blocked off or tagged until the first Saturday of April after 8:00am (anything on any rack before the allowed time will be removed or cut, this is a first come first served basis). Boats and all markers MUST  be removed by the first Saturday in November (Any boat not removed will be removed by us with a fine and penalty. After 180 days, the boat will be auctioned)

MUST  come to the office FIRST to pre-register your boat, pay the $50 fee and get your tag and sticker anytime from January through the first Saturday of April. On the first Saturday of April, after 8:00am, you can go directly to the small boat locations and claim your spot with the WLE provided tag and sticker you obtained during registration. You will then have seven (7) days to notify the office via e-mail or phone of the location and rack you chose. If at any time there is a boat in a rack without a tag and/or sticker or location, after the initial 7 days it will be removed. Should you not get the spot you wanted, you can receive a refund, but ONLY IF YOU RETURN THE TAG.

There will only be one spot per property owner regardless of how many properties are owned. You must be a member in good standing.


~There will be a fine of $50 for not removing the craft on the first Saturday of November.

~There will be fee of $50 for us to move the craft to the storage location by the following weekend.

~Starting December 1st, you will be charged a storage fee of $50 for each month the boat is not removed from Sewer Treatment Plant.

If the boat is left unclaimed, it will be auctioned on Memorial Day Weekend.

All Property Owners and guests must display either a WLE Vehicle sticker or hang tag while parked at this amenity. You must also have a WLE ID (Amenity Badge) in order to be on amenity grounds or enter the building.