Marina Committee Meeting – April 8, 2021
The Marina Committee met at 7 PM on April 8, 2021.  The following people were in attendance via Zoom: Torrey Jacobsen, Paul Kiczek, Bill Sullivan, Michael Wilson, Tony Schwab, Rick Rivera (Vice-Chairperson), Kathleen Maynes (Chairperson), and Mike McGregor (Board Representative),
The Pledge of Alliance was said.
The previous meeting’s minutes from February 25, 2020 were amended and accepted.
The Marina Committee then discussed the following items:
”    New lighting will be installed when the trees are strong enough to handle it.
”    The building of a new walkway and docks are almost finished.
”    Dead trees are scheduled to be removed around May or June.  Brian Stine is checking to see if this can be accomplished earlier.
”    New stairs to G and H Docks will be built. The Marina budget will provide materials and pay the contractor for his time.  John Carney believes this set up will allow construction costs to come under budget.
”    New signage for “no wake” and temporary docking will be put up upon installation of the docks.
”    Although the Marina budget seems to maintain a healthy surplus, some items were not included due to upcoming bills.  Kathleen will request an updated budget from John Carney for the next meeting.
”    Torrey will check to see if and when the Lake Wallenpaupack Waterways Conservation Officers can offer classes to WLEPOA members in 2022. The situation with COVID will play a role in setting up this class.
”    This year Lake Wallenpaupack will be lowered dramatically after Labor Day.  Many other Marinas are ending this season early.  After reviewing the water levels, the Marina Committee decided to recommend the following to the BODs:
Slip renters should be advised (through the dock assignment letter) that the Lake is being lowered over 5 feet this year starting at the beginning of September.
Because of this, slip renters should be made aware that they may have to remove their boats at an earlier date than originally stated in the contract.
A better assessment of the situation would be made later in the season
”    New boating rulings were discussed:
The requirement of kill switch lanyards.
New PA law: Anyone born after January 1, 1982 must have a PA Boating Safety Certificate.  This was previously required for PWC, but now is required for boats over 25 HP.
”    The Marina Committee is looking for new members.  The Committee would also like to thank Wayne Demske for his previous years of service.
The next Zoom Meeting is being scheduled Thursday, May 13th at 7 PM.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM
A few days after the meeting, the Marina was asked to discuss the removal of the old stairs to A Dock.  These unusable stairs are a liability. The Committee members recommended their removal to the BODs.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Maynes
Kathleen Maynes