The meeting of the WLE POA Recreation Committee was called to order by Tri Chair Lonnie Galovic at 10:04 a.m. Saturday, August 12, 2023, in the Adult Lodge.  Twenty-seven members stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  


Minutes for July were sent to the members to review before the meeting. Lonnie asked if there were any additions or corrections. There were none.  Al Cucciniello made a motion to accept minutes; seconded by Rich Yack. Members raised hands; no opposition; minutes approved.

The treasurer’s report was read by Joey Marino. Balance forwarded on 6/30/2023 was $31,131.90.  July’s total revenue was $9,668.17 total expenses were $6,138.98.  Consequently, our general ledger balance for July 31, 2023 is $34,661.09.   The balance of our checking account includes checking of $34,661.09, Venmo $500.00 and CD of $10,000.00 for a grand total of $45,161.09 on July 31, 2023.  

  There was a question regarding swim team revenue.  Cathy Jordan explained total included t-shirts, 50/50 at Independence Day and sale of all swimsuits leftover from previous years.

  Jack Vetter wondered why there were no expenses from Craft Shop.  Tara Stark advised all expenses were reported when shop opened.

  Question about CPR class expense.  Four members of Rec took class; their fee paid by Rec.  Committee prepared to pay for 10 participants in good standing; six more members can attend with Rec paying.  First come/first served basis.

Joanne Navarra made a motion to approve Treasurers Report; seconded by Frank Carrotozzolo. All were in favor, no opposition, Treasurer’s Report was accepted. 

Lonnie thanked all volunteers for their time and work in events that were completed.


Swim Team – Cathy J reported on an excellent season, 100 swimmers over season.  They hosted Swim Team Banquet to over 100 people.  All families will provide a basket for the Tricky Tray.

Facebook Workshops  – Brenda Basenese said her classes were well received.  She would like to more during the winter. Focus would be on e-mail – how to determine fraudulent e-mails, report as scam, protection of account.

Sip and Paint – no report. 

Texas Hold’Em – Terry C said all participants had a good time.  Realized approximately $50 for Recreation. 

Summer Rec Program – Jaden Turner did a good job according to Terry.  She hopes she can come back in 2024.

Flea Market – Terry C had 45 vendors participate.  Considering changing time to 9:00 – 2:00 next year.

Comedy night Made a profit of $`1,548.00.  Did not sell out.

Car Show – Per Jack Vetter – 35 cars were shown.  Event went very well; he will chair again next year.

Outdoor MoviesFrank C not happy with this last week’s movie; hopes for better movie on 8/23.

Nominations for Tri-Chair vacancy – The Committee was ahead of itself last month – Nominations for a three-year term as a Tri-Chair (replacing Terry C) are open now.  Ed Jordan nominated Martin Logue for the position; Martin accepted; voting will take place in September.

Event Package  Board Liaison Scott Healy not in attendance.  Ed Jordan did know that there is a change in the language on indemnity statement.


Music in the Park – Tonight will be Brian and Friends.

April Navarra doing CPR training course now.  See Treasurer’s report. 

Fishing DerbyTaking place this morning.  

Beach Party – Michelle and Martin Logue had an update.  They need volunteers at Bouncy House; cooks, servers, 50/50, clean up.  Neighborhood Watch will control parking/traffic. Maintenance will clean beach, more trash containers will be available, tent set up, DJ ready to go. Entertainment hired.  Brenda suggested 15-minute shifts for Bouncy House. There is no rain date.  

Ceramics – Ceramics continues at Beaver Lodge, Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 1-3.  Gwenn Phillips still needs volunteers. Program will end Friday, August 25.  Still very popular, averages 55 painters each time.  Bruce and Gwenn will chair again in 2024.

Summer bingo – Has been going well.  Last Bingo is Tuesday, August 29.  Problems did arise when badges were checked.  Considerable number of people NOT living in WLE but with badges.


Triathlon – On schedule for September 2 (Labor Day Weekend).  Flyer is out with details.

Cardboard Boat Building    Chair stepped down; event might be cancelled.  Discussion about chairs not fulfilling position at the last moment.  Discussion about having more “co-chairs” events to prevent happening again. 

Tricky Tray – Two thumbs up! Committee has 65 gift cards plus baskets. Tents need to be set-up.  Need to be present for prizes unless you have someone able to accept on your behalf.

Corn Hole – Tournament scheduled Sunday of Labor Day Weekend – 9/3. Flyer is out. Sign-ups in the office.

Card Bingo – Helen Marini announced re-opening Friday nights starting September 8.  The budget will remain the same.



Adult and/or Family Halloween Party – no report

Trunk or Treat – scheduled for Saturday, October 28

October Fest – Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 6 – Oct 9) – Cassandra Galovic will chair with Siobhan Harte and Terry C.

Possible plans include vendors, chili, beer tasting, wine tasting, pumpkin patch, donut eating.  Hope to have wagon in shape for a Hayride.  More details to come.

Thursday Coffee  Cassandra G will restart late September.

Pre-Holiday Party – will take place November 25 (Saturday after Thanksgiving) Lonnie and Cassandra will chair.

Festive Gathering – Needs chairperson and proposal.

Warrior Ornaments – Michele Logue will chair.  Probably take place late October.

Frank C suggested that we replace the projector in the main clubhouse.  He will research what is needed and come back to committee with prices.  Suggestions include Bluetooth, concern about wifi  in clubhouse.  Whatever we do, should be programable for Bingo.  Discussion included mics.  Kathleen Maynes shared that POA organized tech committee to bring media systems up-to-date.

Craft Fair – December 2, 12:00-4:00 p.m., MCH.

Very Merry Christmas – scheduled for December 16.

Brenda B led discussion regarding event chairmen dropping out at the last minute. One member has done this several times.  After much discussion, we must insist on co-chairs particularly with “newer” chairs.  It helps them to carry out duties and has back up for events.

Question asked how many members have a copy of Recreation’s Guidelines.  Decision made to send copy to all members with next meeting packet.

Martin L made a motion to appoint Frank Carrotozzolo as Recreation’s “finance person”.  Frank accepted the nomination.  Members asked to raise hands in agreement, no opposition.  Frank is Recreation’s finance person.

Steve Kriso suggested there be “back-ups” for our electronic positions.  Michelle L volunteered to back-up Steve Kriso.

Joey Marino does the flyers.  This info can be put on event package.

 There being no other business to come before the meeting, Martin L made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Joanne N.  All in favor, no opposed – meeting adjourned at 11:31 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Gwenn Phillips

Recording Secretary