FEBRUARY 18, 2023

The following board members were in attendance:  Ed Jordan (President), Alan Cucciniello (Vice President), Greg Pollock (Treasurer), Mike Cioffi, and John Carney (General Manager). Mike McGregor absent with an excuse, Kathleen Maynes (Secretary), and Bruce Phillips will join the meeting by Zoom after the open session when the regular meeting reconvenes at the office.

Ed Jordan opened the meeting at 8:10AM.

Finance Report – Greg Pollock

Greg reported that the financials for this time of the year look good and CD rates have increased and that is good for us. Each member has a copy of the monthly handout that is available for the open session. In Bruce’s absence John handed out the 25-year replacement study that Bruce just recently finalized. John also handed out the proposed new capital budget for 2023.

The GM report will be done at the open session.

Maintenance – Bruce Phillips, available after open session – Report from Brian Stine, Maintenance Supervisor

Ed relayed with the mild winter the Maintenance Department is moving real well with building the new dock (F) for the marina. John has more to report in his GM report.

Sewer & Water – Mike McGregor, absent – Report from Brian Schan, Director of Water & Sewer.

In Brian’s report he relays a pump problem at Marina Well and the actions he has taken. We have found an interested contractor for the Fawnhill chlorination reduction project and Brian is hoping for one more price quote from a contractor he recently has spoken to. 

Marina – Kathleen Maynes, available after open session. 

Ed reported that 15 slips have been given up and one was taken away. There has been request to replace the rope railing by the port-a-lavs to a wood railing. The rope railing offers no support and is difficult for people who need it hold onto something solid.

Ed had a conversation with Brian Stine who is requesting that we consider using the used Styrofoam that has been removed from old docks. The cost of Styrofoam has dramatically increased and except for discolor on the edges the foam is fine. The Board agreed the used foam on new docks is fine.

CDC – Mike Cioffi

In January, two cases were supposed to be reviewed.  One did not show (therefore in violation) and the other one was found in violation with a reduced fine.

The committee is looking to keep the charter the same for the number of members. 

The committee is requesting that when the Board overturns a decision from CDC that the Board lets the committee know about it.

The committee asked if pictures are being taken of incidences? John replied that pictures are being taken, but not being distributed with all citations written. For some incidences the picture must be retrieved from the file.

Recreation – Al Cucciniello 

Al reported that the New Years Eve and Super Bowl parties were very successful. This weekend is the ice cream social, bonfire at Deer Lake Beach, family bingo and Sunday brunch. 

Ed Jordan will act as the Liaison for the swim team. 

Upcoming events include Adult Karaoke, St. Patrick’s Day Party, and an Egg Hun

Neighborhood Watch – no meeting.

Beautification Committee – no meeting.

First Right of Refusals:

Greg made the motion to approve the First Right of Refusals presented, 

seconded by Al and approved unanimously.

Ed opened the open session with the Pledge of Allegiance.

General Manager’s Report (John Carney)

  1. Maintenance has removed the dead trees between the Adult Lodge and Eskra Road. The tree company that we have contracted with has removed many dead Ash Trees around the amenity areas. The trees around the pickle ball court have been removed, the trees cast too much shade on the courts which leads to the breakdown of the court surface. All the dead pine trees behind the upper parking lot at Beaver Pool have been removed.
  2. With the warmer temperatures and less snow removal operations Maintenance has competed the 10 mains and 20 fingers for the new dock (F) for the marina. If weather conditions continue we will look to start installing docks the end of March/beginning of April.
  3. The Dectron System for the indoor pool is scheduled to be delivered the middle of March and if on schedule should be operating the beginning of April. Since the ordering of the Dectron we have experienced many delays in production and delivery. A new surface has been applied around the indoor pool. The surface is the same non-skid surface in the bathrooms. Painting of the pool coping and around the beams is presently taking place.
  4. Bruce Phillips has finalized the 25-year replacement study which has been given to the Board Members this morning. Bruce will be available by Zoom after the open session to review the study. A copy of the New Capital Budget was also distributed. 
  5. We have received quotes for our 2023/24 Property and Liability Insurance, which includes Director and Officers, Worker’ Compensation and Automobile coverages. The quote is a 5.74% increase over last year’s policy.
  6. For the Board’s review is a waiver that will be added to the RV (Golf cart & UTV’s) application. The waiver is to further protect the Association of liability that can arise from driving RV’s on WLE roads.
  7. Bus stop – We have 3 bus stops and normally 2 Public Safety Officers on duty during the loading and unloading of kids at the bus stops. There have been concerns relayed to the office of safety concerns at the bus stations particularly at the main entrance bus stop. We will review what is required by the school district and what we physically are able to do.
  8. With letters written to our state legislators and some changes with the administering of Naloxone, we may be a step closer to approving the Public Safety Department to administer Naloxone (Narcan).

Property Owners’ questions and comments:

Question:     Why are license plates for RV’s being discontinued?

Response:    For the cost and what it does it is not worth the cost; the sticker will be fine.

Comment:    Neighborhood Watch likes seeing the license plate.       

Question:     Can the sauna be open hours/days than it now? 

Response:    We will see but we can only open for the number of hours/days that we have        

                     employees that can monitor sauna usage.

Question:     My car was hit at Adult Lodge parking lot, I was told by Public Safety that the    

                     camera could not replay to see the incident. Could you check on that?

Response:     Yes, we will check with the Chief.

Question:     Can we have a speaker come in and talk about Diabetes?

Response:    Yes, we will see about working it through one of our existing committees.

Question:     Can docks be sprayed before putting in the water to prevent bees?

Response:    Not aware of any spray, but will check with exterminator.

Question:    Why was Adult Lodge changed to close at 1:00AM?

Response:    It was requested by Public Safety to have the lodge closed at midnight, after they 

                    reported problems in the lodge and property owners inviting guest from outside

                    the community, propping the door open and letting anyone who wants come in. The

        Board decided to close lodge a 1:00AM rather than midnight.

Comments:  A group of property owners who use the lodge are requesting that it go back to 

                    2:00AM, that the incident that took place was handled immediately and as a group

                    that uses the lodge on a regular basis, we see that the lodge stays in good condition.

        Ed agreed that we will discuss it after the open session and reminded all that badges

        are needed by all property owners and guest in the lodge and proper vehicle ID.


Comment:   Only one guard is coming in checking for badges.

Comment:   Fence at Beaver Dam is broken and needs repairing.

Comment:   Dog park gate and fence need repairs.

Comment:   Dan Braun explained the Wall of Honor Plaque that hangs at the MCH and how it                                      

                    got started and how is presently researching some names to be considered for the 

                    plaque. Dan requested that if anyone has any suggestions for names to be added to

                    the plaque to please let him know.

Question:    Does WLE have a history book?

Response:   No, but there are newsletters and other documents dating back from the early years.

                    and some history on our website.

Question:    Is the website updated?

Response:   Yes and is currently being updated.

Question:    Can lights be installed at U-dock/MCH area there is trash in this area.

Response:   Lights would not be able to be installed any lower than Brookfield property line.

Question:    Could solar lights be used.

Response:   That is a possibility. 

Comment:   TV in MCH is not getting the music channel and the TV behind the bar is not 

                    Working at all. The remotes in the fitness center are missing.

Response:    Will pass onto Maintenance.

Following the Open Board of Directors Meeting the Board of Directors reconvened their regular meeting at the office at 10:15AM. Bruce and Kathleen joined the meeting via Zoom.

A motion to approve the December 17, 2022, minutes was made by Al and 

seconded by Mike C.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Financial Committee (Bruce Phillips):

  • Bruce provided a 25 year study for WLE.
  • Funding for Fawn Hill Well was discussed.
  • Due to an increase in the population at WLE, purchasing a generator that will handle the MCH (except the pool) in an emergency situation was discussed. 

The following motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Ed:

The BODs approve the capital expenditures for 2023 as discussed at the

 February 18, 2023, meeting. Approved unanimously. 


The following motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Mike C:

The BOD’s approve the Replacement Fund Reserve allocations of $574,191 for 2024   that will be voted on at the June 13, 2023 Annual Meeting. Approved unanimously.


Maintenance / Housekeeping (Bruce Phillips):

  • Maintenance has completed the mains for F Dock and is now working on the fingers. 
  • Maintenance will be removing a closet in Kathy’s and Fran’s office to make room for two more filing cabinets. Two offices will also be repainted.  Carpet tiles will replace carpeting in the hallway.
  • A new part time employee is assisting with various housekeeping tasks, but additional seasonal summer help will also be needed.

Public Safety (Ed Jordan):

  • Dominick provided the BODs a Public Safety Report for December and January that included citations, incidents, and EMS calls.
  • John provided a list of training certifications by the Public Safety Officers.  All Officers have been trained in CPR, AED, and First Aid.
  • John reached out to Pennsylvania authorities to determine whether WLE Public Safety Officers would be immune from prosecution in administering Narcan. He was assured that this was the case.

The following motion was made by Mike C. and seconded by Al:

WLE will obtain Narcan and Public Safety will carry it in its vehicles. Public Safety will be fully trained and administer it when necessary.

This was unanimously approved. 

  • Training on Narcan will soon be provided for Public Safety Officers.
  • Mike C. suggested a motion that Public Safety should carry tourniquets.  Ed said this this was not necessary as they will have to carry them to administer first aid.
  • John will continue to check to see if he can find someone to train interested property owners in basic first aid, CPR, AED, and Narcan.  It was suggested that perhaps online training may be available.
  • John obtained the “Wallenpaupack Area School District Bus Stop Requirements.” WLE has one bus stop that falls under the school district’s requirements due to be it is inside of the community. The bus stops at the West Gate and Main Gate do not fall under the requirements due to that they load and unload on a state or county road. The Adult Lodge by the school district’s requirements must have a Public Safety Officer stationed at the bus stop. We have three bus stops and normally two officers on duty during bus stops, one officer will be at the Adult Lodge bus stop and an officer will alternate between the Main Gate and West Gate entrances. We have been doing this the last few weeks and it seems to be working fine. Between the two entrances, it is the Main Gate entrance that needs more attention than the West Gate entrance. We have an option to go to two stops and eliminate the Main Gate bus stop. The problem with eliminating the Main Gate bus stop is that the kids will need to go to the Adult Lodge and will need to cross Eskra Road, to get to the bus and when they get off the bus, which could be dangerous. 

Legal/Administration (Ed Jordan):

  • The annual meeting packet will be started soon. By our legal counsel’s opinion and the research John has done, we will not be using an independent reviewer to count the election ballots.
  • Ed Jordan asked if anyone objects to the Board going into Executive Session to discuss a matter involving two employees and a matter of a property owner looking for the Board to resolve an issue. Hearing no objections Ed called the Executive Session to order at 10:30AM.

The Board of Directors reconvened to their regular meeting at 10:55AM.  

Marina Committee (Kathleen Maynes): 

  • The mains for F Dock have been completed. Maintenance is now working on the fingers.
  • Maintenance was able to reuse some of the foam from under the docks
  • The older docks were sold and there is a waiting list to purchase any additional ones. 
  • Wood railings will be added to the walkway for the Marina.
  • Kathleen forwarded budget information to the Marina Committee so they would have a clear understanding of future fees.
  • Fifteen dock spaces have been given up and 1 dock space was lost for non-payment.


  • The BODs received three letters involving fines from short terms rentals. One was dismissed, one was found in violation with fine reduced if house is sold and the other remains in violation with fine.  
  • A property owner requested an exemption to the short term rental policy given extenuating circumstance.  They were granted this exemption, due to showing documentation of taking over responsibilities of ownership from parents for quite some time. 

New Business:

  • The BODs discussed the new Golf Cart/UTV Registration form, including the new waiver.  With a few minor changes, by consensus it was approved unanimously by the BODs.
  • The BODs discussed insurance premiums.  Overall there is a 5.74% increase over last year.  John will continue to explore additional ways to save on WLE’s insurance premiums.
  • Penn DOT reviewed our property in Section 6 as a request to see if a driveway occupancy permit will be able to be secured. PennDot cannot give approval without us applying for the permit. However, PennDot did not see a reason why we should not be able to obtain a permit. Although the BODs do not have any plans for this area, by knowing this we should be able to get a highway occupancy permit. This does give us more options of what can be done with the property.  
  • The Adult Lodge will resume its closing time to 2 AM.

Unfinished Business:

  • Fawn Hill Well – We have one price quote from a contractor and looking to get one other soon. The 3,000-gallon tank has been requoted and price is good for 30 days and Entech has sent us the engineering contract to be signed. Brian Schan has some miscellaneous items that he needs to get cost on.
  • U-Dock road work will be done in the spring.
  • In terms of solar power, Greg has a solar power representative coming out in the next couple of months.
  • Burying propane tanks – no action.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Al, seconded by Mike C., and approved unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:35 PM.

The next BOD meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2023.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen R. Maynes/John Carney