Marina Committee Meeting – February 25, 2021
The Marina Committee met at 7 PM on February 25, 2021.  The following people were in attendance via Zoom: Wayne Demske, Torrey Jacobsen, Paul Kiczek, Bill Sullivan, Michael Wilson, Rick Rivera (Vice-Chairperson), Kathleen Maynes (Chairperson), Mike McGregor (Board Representative), Matt Deitrick (Lake Wallenpaupack Conservations Officer), and Emily Borger (Lake Wallenpaupack Conservation Officer).
The Pledge of Alliance was said.
The previous meeting’s minutes from November 5, 2020 were accepted.
Torrey reached out to Lake Wallenpaupack Waterways Conservation Officers to join our meeting. Matt Deitrick and Emily Borger shared the following information with the Marina Committee:
”    Their job description includes stopping boats for navigational errors, doing safety equipment checks, and regulating fishing,
”    Due to the limited amount of Water Conservation Officers, they can only monitor the most active parts of the Lake.
”    Any emergencies on the Lake during the weekend are best handled by calling 911.
”    During the weekdays, reports may be made to their Regional Office at 570-477-5717.
”    The Officers would be interested in conducting boating safety courses at WLE.
The Marina Committee then discussed the following items:
”    As of this meeting, John Carney is still looking for contractors to replace stairs G and J. It is a very difficult job and many contractors do not want to tackle it.
”    The new lights for the Marina have arrived and Maintenance is waiting for the snow to clear to install them.
”    The Maintenance Department, when not plowing, has been working on building the replacement walkway to A Dock and all of D Dock.
”    Dead tree removals has been scheduled with the contractor.
”    Temporary docking and no wake signage will be installed when the docks are installed.
”    The Maintenance Department has told the Marina Committee members that it is in their mindset to put the docks in as soon as possible. Of course, this is dependent on the weather. 
”    Budget: Phone line costs, combination of lots to lower the cost to Marina Budget, and Front Loader costs in January, February and March were questioned.
”    Difficulties involved in paperless billing were deliberated.
”    The WLE Marina Gmail has only had a few people sign up.  Signage for this will be placed in season down at the Marina to heighten awareness.
”    The Committee will explore the lowering of the Lake in September 2021 and how it will affect WLE’s docks.
”    Goals for next year include replacement of E Dock and bringing a boating education class to WLE.
The next meeting is scheduled on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM via Zoom.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Maynes