Marina Committee Agenda – March 8, 2022

Approved Minutes


Committee Members Present (noted in bold type):

  • Rick Rivera – Chairperson
  • Paul Kiczek – Co-chairperson
  • Michael Wilson – Recording Secretary (Excused)
  • Lee Cohen
  • Torrey Jacobsen
  • Tim Moyer – Excused
  • Tony Schwab  
  • Bill Sullivan 
  • Kathleen Maynes – Board representative
  • Meeting called to order 
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Review and accept minutes from the 1-11-2022 meeting – first motion  

Critical Issues:

  • Rick Rivera possible last meeting on the committee – served 6 years and must come off for at least one year.  The Committee is in favor of Rick remaining on the Committee for another term
  • Nominations for chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary – Voting will take place at the June meeting
  • Review from the Board liaison about our issues brought up at last meeting
    • Enforcing new rules – platforms. On individual basis as complaints come in
    • Distance between F and G docks. No action requires per BOD.
    • Training to measure boats
    • Can a person on a committee for 6 years continue to serve if there is no one looking to join – yes
    • Tree removal at the Marina – John Carney will make the determination on the budget to be charged
    • Jack Vetter – hardware is not appropriate to secure docks (fingers to main). John Kearney’s position is the anchors are not appropriate. Rick will talk to Jack.  

Active Issues:

  • Budget review
  • Dock E will be replaced this year – fingers being built. Triangle anchors are the recommended for correctly mooring the docks. Rick will check on purchasing the triangle anchors vs. making them
  • Maintenance pricing a new winch and generator for the barge. Are these two items exclusively used for the Marina? (Kathleen to BOD)
  • Outside contractor would need to be hired to stain docks if that is what we want.  Maintenance will not take this on.
  • Still waiting for price of stair replacement in the Fall.
  • Gmail account
    • No new responses to email from Gmail account – 24 total on the list serve


New Issues:

  • Boating course scheduled April 30th. Twenty-one people currently signed up for the class.
  • Do we want to go forward with lights heading down to the docks? Tony agreed to mount the light and we can evaluate the advantages of the additional lighting
  • Additional items/questions from Committee Members
  • Goals for 2022 season
    • Dock F replacement tentative for next year
    • Why are two slips being reserved by WLE for weekly campsite rentals? (Kathleen to BOD)
  • Next meeting Tuesday May 3rd, 7:00pm.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting, First motion by Lee Cohen and seconded by Tony Schwab.