Wallenpaupack Lake Estates

Property Owners Association

Building Committee

Kasper Lodge

Approved Minutes

May 6, 2023

Time:  9:00 AM

Mr. Young called the meeting to order at:   9:00 AM. 

In attendance were (in bold type):

John Young, Chairperson

Rich Yack, Recording Secretary

Dale Pepper

Frank Bruno – Absent 

Tom Huhn

Jonathan Mayer

Roy Van De Voort

Fran Raimo – BCO

Gregory Pollock — BOD Liaison (Ed Jordan standing for BOD) 

The April 1st, 2022, minutes were approved and distributed as presented/corrected. 

Housekeeping items:

  1. Committee membership update from BOD.  Mr. Jordan reported that new members, Roy Van De Voort and Jonathan Mayer were approved by the BOD.  Also, BOD approved one year extension for Mr. Young, Mr. Huhn and Mr. Bruno.  Fran will discuss with Mr. Bruno his desire to continue.

BOD Liaison Report:

The BOD approved an increase in building permits for new home construction.  ($2,083)

  1. Hot Tubs & Spas:  BOD Approved wording (No swim spas).  Committee voted to leave as written.  The committee recommended that ALL hot tubs and Spas (including portable ones) have a lockable cover or four-foot enclosure.  This is a Safety issue.  
  2. BOD Fuel Tank concealment response:  BOD Approved wording of concealment on three sides and hidden from public view.  Article VI Section * No action taken as ongoing by BOD.
  3. BOD Erosion Control PA Title 25 Chapter 102 response:  BOD to discuss further.  BOD Liaison Mr. Pollock reported that the BOD did not address any of those questions and will discuss them at a future meeting.  No action taken as ongoing by BOD.  

BCO Report:

  1. WLE Building Rules and Regulations Revised October 1, 2022.  Mr. Young asked members to review the BC Rules and Regulations posted online and Revised dated October 1, 2022, at the next meeting.
  2. Violation Procedure. – To be added to Rules and Regulations.
  3. Report:

April 2023

Total homes – 1421

Non-Fee Permits: – 42

Tree Removal Permits: – 23

Allow Fees – 8 @ $2,372

New Business:

As already mentioned, – New Building Fees approved by the BOD and Portable Hot Tubs and Spas to be included in regulations.

Motion to adjourn at 10:00 AM by Dale Pepper and seconded by Tom Huhn.

The next scheduled meeting is June 3rd, 2023, at 9am at Kasper Lodge

Respectfully Submitted:  Rich Yack, Recording Secretary