Marina Committee Agenda – May 3, 2022

Approved Minutes as of 6/18/22

Committee Members Present (noted in bold type):

  • Rick Rivera – Chairperson
  • Paul Kiczek – Co-chairperson
  • Michael Wilson – Recording Secretary
  • Lee Cohen
  • Torrey Jacobsen (excused)
  • Tim Moyer
  • Tony Schwab  
  • Bill Sullivan 
  • Kathleen Maynes – Board representative
  • Meeting called to order 
  • Pledge of Allegiance

Critical Issues:

  • Rick Rivera last meeting on the committee – served 6 years and must come off for at least one year.
  • Nominations for chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary – Voting will take place at the June meeting
  • 5 individuals have expressed an interest in joining the committee (4 open spots).  The committee will provide individual input on who they would like to fill the 4 open spots.
  • Review from the Board liaison about our issues brought up at last meeting
  • Rental slips was discussed – pricing, process by which rental slips are assigned, the board decided to raise the rental slip fees.
    • $120 for a weekly rental
    • $80 for a mid-week rental
    • $60 for a weekend rental
    • If the rental slips are rented all season, the revenue generated is greater than an assigned slip.  Rick suggested we verify what the income was on the rental slips in 2021.  Rick also suggested we understand how rental slips are advertised to the public.
  • Rental slip income is supposed to funnel to the Marina budget, however a line item in the budget was not found.
  • Kathleen or Rick will follow up with the board to verify/understand the rental assignment process.
  • 17 slips are up for sublet as of the date of this meeting date (3 sublet spots have been filled to date)
  • Kathleen will follow up to verify where the budget line item is at and where the 2 rental slip spots are located.
  • The task of verifying the correct boat is in the correct slip being completed was discussed.  This is supposed to be completed by the Dock Master.
  • The topic of what happens with slip fees, money returned to the property owner, and what happens if a slip is not occupied was discussed.
  • Kathleen will ask Kathy Sollenne where the slip assignment policy can be located.

Active Issues:

  • Budget review – on track
    • J stairwell was replaced – total cost $9,358.01
    • E dock was replaced
    • 1 dock/year should be replace
    • 8 new anchors were installed the previous Friday on docks C, D, E, F and possibly A.  Rick will verify if the anchors are purchased or “self-made.”  The desired/recommended anchor is the triangle shaped.
    • 5 “No Wake” buoys will be installed (2 additional than last year)
  • Jack Vetter:  He is willing to take anyone to sterling to check out the end L-shaped steel corner brackets for more strength. Brian has a catalog for these brackets. Brian has not be able to check out the new hardware yet from the manufacturer.  Improved hardware should be installed if possible.  Jack expressed his willingness to go to Sterling Marina to examine the L shaped brackets.
  • Gmail account
    • No new responses to email from Gmail account – 24 total on the list serve
  • Docks/ramps were not 100% installed/approved for use as of the date of this meeting.
  • Maintenance pricing a new winch and generator for the barge. Are these two items exclusively used for the Marina? (Kathleen to BOD)
  • Still waiting for price of stair replacement in the Fall.
  • Boating course took place 4/30/22.  26 people attended, 20 people were from WLE.  All attendees passed.  Paul Kiczek was in attendance.
  • Kathleen raised the topic of the additional lights to the board.  John Carney will discuss with Brian and Kathleen was under the impression the board was in agreement as to their installation/use.  Kathleen mentioned to the board that Tony would assist with the installation – verified by Tony.  Kathleen will remind the board at the next meeting.
  • Making the marina dock assignments for the 2022 season public was discussed among the committee – reasoning that it would provide for the same transparency as the waiting list that is posted on the WLEPOA web page.

New Issues:

  • Bill suggested the Dock Master break up walking the docks to a manageable schedule.  
  • Lee’s understanding is that there is supposed to be an increased security presence at the marina.  Kathleen verified there’s a shortage of security personnel.
  • Board will need to approve the new marina committee members.  Kathleen will try to expedite approval.
  • Next meeting Saturday May 28 – time and place TBD.  For those unable to attend in-person, a call-in line will be established.
    • Note:  Actual meeting to take place 6/18/22 in person @ 9am in the WLEPOA board room.