WLE Marina Committee Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2021
Committee Members Present (unless otherwise noted):
”    Lee Cohen
”    Torrey Jacobsen (Excused)
”    Paul Kiczek
”    Kathleen Maynes – board representative
”    Tim Moyer
”    Rick Rivera
”    Tony Schwab (Excused)
”    Bill Sullivan (Excused)
”    Michael Wilson
Pledge of allegiance said
Minutes from prior meeting approved
Topics discussed:
”    BOD raised fees for marina to $450
”    BOD decided Dock E will be replaced along with stairs to J dock
”    Starting in 2022 boat owners will not need to supply their boat registration for their present boat, certificate of insurance will still need to be supplied on a yearly basis.
”    boats new to the Marina will have to furnish manufacturer’s specification along with the registration and insurance forms.  If manufacturer’s specifications are not available, a representative from WLE will measure the boat to make sure its size adheres to the Marina Rules and Regulations.
”    Rick will meet with maintenance to discuss supplies available for next year
”    35 people have registered to attend the boating safety course
”    Methods of preserving the steps and identification of the gap between dock sections was discussed
Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM
Next zoom meeting:  January 11, 2022 @ 7pm.