Marina Committee Meeting – September 14, 2021
Marina Committee
September 14, 2021
Committee Members Present (noted in bold type):
”    Rick Rivera – Chairperson
”    Paul Kiczek – Co-chairperson
”    Michael Wilson – Recording Secretary (Excused)
”    Lee Cohen
”    Torrey Jacobsen
”    Tim Moyer
”    Tony Schwab (Excused)
”    Bill Sullivan (Excused)
”    Kathleen Maynes – board representative
–    Meeting called to order
–    Pledge of Allegiance
–    Review and accept minutes from the 8-17-2021 meeting – first motion Paul Kiczek, Second motion Lee Cohen
Old Business
1.    Board decision of boats in marina over 24 feet.
A.    A1-13 will not be coming back next year
B.    F-24 slip will not be scrutinized for 6 inches
”    From the BOD minutes, Swim platforms or accessories cannot be added to a boat that will result in the boat being more than 24ft in length.
C.    J-14 is a Summit 250 Platinum Edition – was not discussed at BOD meeting
D.    F-38 appears to be over 24ft.
E.    Kathy will address the BOD regarding boats over 24ft and slips J-14 and F-38
2.    Anchoring alternatives for securing docks to prevent breakaways. No update from maintenance.
3.    Maintenance will make a recommendation regarding E Dock replacement or identify an alternate dock replacement for 2022.
4.    Waiting for the price of stair removal in the Fall
5.    Boating course on November 6th at main club house
A.    There will be pre-registration to get a headcount of the number expected
B.    Targeting between 50 and 100 participants
C.    No charge for the course
D.    Course will run 8:00 to 6:00
E.    Expecting to advertise on the WLE webpage and notification to WLE Marina email list
F.    Masks will be required for indoor activity
G.    Food and beverages will be provided for lunch
6.    Gmail account
A.    Response to email from Gmail account – 2 new participants signed up.
B.    Total members on the list – 24
New Business:
1.    Budget review – surplus expected for 2021 between $40k and $45k
2.    Issue of raising Marina dues for 2022
A.    The committee will discuss this issue in greater detail in the next meeting
B.    In 2021, more work was required than a typical season. Expenses include:
”    Replacing main walkway for access to A, A1, and B Docks
”    Replacing D Dock main and G Dock stairs
”    Tree removal
”    Lights in the dock area
C.    These are all one time expenses and not expected in 2022.
D.    Plan to return to our process of replacing one dock per season to keep the Marina in updated condition
3.    Goals for the 2022 season will be discussed in the next meeting
Next meeting scheduled for November 1st @ 7:00pm.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 pm was first by Lee Cohen and second motion by Torrey Jacobsen.